Noel Gillespie (Phoenix Suns Assistant Coach) – Early Pick and Roll Attack

pick and roll defense

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I have coached at the NCAA Division 2 (Southwestern Oklahoma State University), NAIA (USAO), and JUCO Levels (Blinn College and Carl Albert State College) as well as high school. I just felt that fellow coaches especially young coaches need to constantly work on their “game”. Just like the basketball players that we coach. We as coaches need to improve ourselves. That is my story and why I do this blog.

May 3, 2015

Noel Gillespie (Phoenix Suns Assistant Coach) – Early Pick and Roll Attack

The early pick and roll attack is one of the things to guard if not the hardest thing at every

We call all of our offensive sets our “attack game”:
• Early Pick and Roll Attack
• Half Court Pick and Roll Attack
• Zone Attack

We want to be aggressive, we want to get the defense on their heels, we want to attack before the
defense gets set.

We want to make quick decisions. We are comfortable with every player taking an open shot, if you
don’t have an open shot drive and kick, players must be unselfish make the extra pass.

The golden rule for Phoenix: Don’t hold the ball. Don’t be a holder.

Create running mindset: Must get players to psychology buy-in to running. It starts in the off-
season… You must have a conditioning program, you must be in the weight room. By training camp
they have to be ready to run. What separates the good transition teams is running off of made

Transition Rules:

• Closest person to the ball takes it out on a made basket – we prefer to have one of the bigs to
take the ball out, however if it is the point guard, he must take it out.

• Wings are interchangeable. Wings sprint wide to the deep corners… If point guard can lead the
ball to a wing and get a lay-up, he will throw it ahead. We want our wings to stay spaced.

• When we pause the tape, players should be in sprinter’s stance as the ball is being inbounded.

• First big will rim run, deep seal, and look for the ball. If big doesn’t get the ball in 1-one
thousand, 2-one thousand first big clears himself to the short corner opposite of the ball.

• Early Offense Options:
! First option – Lead ball up the sideline to the wing.
! Second option – Dribble advance to sealing big (Point to Big).
! Third option – Dribble advance to sealing big (Wing to Big).
! Fourth option – Drag screen from second big.

Teaching points for Drag Screen:
• Guard will receive drag screen pro-lane extended.
• Screener sprints full speed into the screen.
• Screener wants the lower half of his body to make contact with the lower half of the
on-ball defender’s body – ultimately forcing the on-ball defender overtop.
• Screen opens up to the ball after screening – maintains vision of the ball.

Early Pick and Roll Attack

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Click on the pdf link to download the Noel Gillespie (Phoenix Suns Assistant Coach) – Early Pick and Roll Attack:

Noel Gillespie (Phoenix Suns Assistant Coach) – Early Pick and Roll Attack

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