Nike Championship Basketball Clinic Notes – Overland Park, KS

Written by Coach Peterman

I have coached at the NCAA Division 2 (Southwestern Oklahoma State University), NAIA (USAO), and JUCO Levels (Blinn College and Carl Albert State College) as well as high school. I just felt that fellow coaches especially young coaches need to constantly work on their “game”. Just like the basketball players that we coach. We as coaches need to improve ourselves. That is my story and why I do this blog.

May 18, 2015

Nike Championship Basketball Clinic Notes – Overland Park, KS

Thank you, Coach Jason Shelangouski!    I know that our basketball coaches will love your Nike Championship Basketball Clinic Notes.

Michael Lang- High School Coach, and Winner of America’s Got Coaching Talent | Nike Championship Basketball Clinic Notes – Overland Park, KS
Topic: Rebounding With a Purpose
• 5 Rules to rebounding
o Your will vs. My will
o Tight rims vs. Loose rims
o Knowledge of flight of the ball
o Box Out
o Make Contact First
• Drill: 2-Line Rebound and Shuffle
o Coach at each elbow
o Two lines on the baseline
o Players throw the ball to the coach at the elbow
o Players then:
 Close out
 Box out
 Touch backboard with two hands
 Quick defensive shuffle on the baseline
 Back to the end of the line
• Drill: 3 on 3 Rebounding
o Play to 5 Points
o Only way to score is a rebound
o Outlet to a coach on the rebound
o One team on offense the whole time, one team on defense—first to five, then switch it up
• Drill: Lane Running Layups
o 3 passers on each sideline
 One starts FT Line extended
 One starts at half court
 One starts at FT Line extended on opposite end
 Both sidelines have the same set-up
o Any time limit is used (at coach’s discretion)
o Lines under each basket
 I thought this could be done with teams or with posts/guards on opposite teams
o Player starts with a rebound, then outlets the ball
o Player will run the floor, while passers will continue passing down the sidelines
o Layups, jump shots, etc. can be used to score
o Great conditioner, good competition, and passers on the sideline can change by going around the gym as well

Tara VanDerveer-Stanford Women’s Coach | Nike Championship Basketball Clinic Notes – Overland Park, KS
Topic: Individual and Team Offensive Drills
• Do things timed and tested (always competitive)
• She recommended Gannon Baker Drills (always a good recommendation)
• Drill: Two Person Passing
o Calls one player a passer, opposite player a worker
o Passer passes to the worker
o Worker can do these various workouts:
 One hand push pass
 One hand dribble followed by push pass
 Crossover dribble followed by push pass
 Behind the back twice followed by push pass
o You can vary in two basketballs
o Stresses strength in catching with one hand, passing with one hand
o You can also do two basketballs and regular passing with this, such as chest, bounce, and behind the back
• Drill: Partner Shooting
o Works on fundamentals of shooting
o First session is stationary shooting
o Second session is stepping into the jump shot
o Third session is 2-3 steps (right or left) into jump shot
o Can be for a set time, set number of makes, etc.
• Drill: Lay-up Drill
o Two lines, opposite sides, each line going towards a basket
 In other words, both will be working on either right handed or left handed layups
o Vary the layups
o Right and left side
o Last layup must be a challenging layup
o Once again, can go for set time, set number of makes, etc.
• Drill: 7-5-3-1
o Pick your spots for the drill (but the spots are the same on both sides of the floor)
 Could be corner, elbows, wings, etc.
o On the side you start, you shoot 7 jump shots
o Then you sprint over to the opposite side and shoot 5 jump shots
o Then you sprint back to the original spot and shoot 3 jump shots
o Then you spring back to the second spot and shoot 1 jump shot
o You could also do this for 7, 5, 3, and 1 make, not just shots
o You should do the drill several times, starting from both sides
• Drill: 3 People, 2 Balls
o Shooting, moving, and always finding the open shooter off of your rebound

• Drill: (Post work)
o Coach standing on the FT Line with a ball
o Second coach standing on the wing with a ball
o Post will start under the hoop
o Post sprints to touch the ball at the FT Line
o Coach will fire up a shot, post rebounds, and finishes
o Post will outlet the ball back to the FT Line and sprint to touch the ball again
o Post will then post up on the block and receive a pass from the coach on the wing
o Next post goes after the second shot
• Drill: (Variance on Mikans)
o While doing Mikans, a passer can stand on the top of the key
o Passer will yell the person’s name that is doing Mikans
o Player immediately drops the ball and turns to catch another ball
o Player will continue Mikans with the new basketball
o Variance to this could be having three passers; two on the wings and one at the top of the key…could work on listening and get your post better at reaction time

Mike Andersen-Arkansas Head Men’s Coach | Nike Championship Basketball Clinic Notes – Overland Park, KS
Topic: Pressure Defense
• Warm-up
o Start with two lines in opposite corners of the court
o Players will sprint diagonally to half, then defensive slide across half-court
o You can also do this where you sprint half of that distance and defensive shuffle the rest of the way
o You can also focus on drop steps with this
• Drill: 2 Lane Zig Zags
o Offensive and defensive player
o Just like old school zig zag dribbling, but with a defender and using two lanes and two directions on the court
• Drill: 2 on 3 on 2 on 1
o This is basically 3 on 2, 2 on 1
o However, you actually start the drill 2 on 3 with 2 players on the offense and 3 on the defense
o The shooter from the group of 3 will come back as the one defender, just like a 3 on 2, 2 on 1 drill. However, the two that remain will actually start the next group as the two offensive players against the three defenders
o Just a simple twist to a 3 on 2, 2 on 1

• Drill: 1 on 1 Deny
o This was a traditional 1 on 1 Deny drill
o Passes would come from a coach at the top of the key
o Passes may be good passes or slower passes, but the idea is to give the defense a little confidence to get out and reach that ball—thought it added hunger to get after the ball on the wings
o Variance: Coach could dribble the offensive player off and have the player shoot up the middle of the lane (helps with help defense from the defender, and also works on closeouts
• Concept: Half-Court scrimmage to Full-Court scrimmage
o Rewarding steals and caused turnovers
o By rewarding those specific things, he has noticed players getting hungry to win through their defense

Bob Knight-Basketball Hall of Fame, Former Indiana Coach and Texas Tech Coach (Also West Point) | Nike Championship Basketball Clinic Notes – Overland Park, KS
• Drill: Partner Shooting
o The only key here is that the rebounder will yell out what to do on the pass
o It’s about reaction time, listening, and thinking quickly on their feet
o Examples were:
 Catch and shoot
 Fake right, go left
 Fake left, go right
 Pump fake, drive
• Drill: Change Drill
o Scrimmage (half or full court, but he prefers full court)
o Change of possession on the word “Change”
o Challenge your team by making them guard someone different than the person who guarded them
o Also could be added into a common No Dribble Drill

Bruce Weber-Kansas State Head Men’s Coach | Nike Championship Basketball Clinic Notes – Overland Park, KS
Topic: Zone Offensive Principles
• Zone Principles
o Push the ball vs. the zone
o Get the ball up to the defense
o Move the ball side to side
o Get the ball inside every 3 or 4 possessions
o Get into the gaps
o Include skip passes
o Overload the zone
o Use screening action
o Space the court
o Misdirection dribbles
o Rebound aggressively vs. zone
• Concept:
o Use lots of advantage/disadvantage to work on ways to capitalize and ways to stop attacks when you are at a disadvantage

Scott Drew-Baylor Head Men’s Coach | Nike Championship Basketball Clinic Notes – Overland Park, KS
Topic: Competitive Practice Drills
• Drill: Superman Closeouts
o Set up is two offensive wings and an offensive player at the top of the key
o Defender is underneath the basket
o Coach can throw to any offensive player
o The defender must get three stops in a row within a certain time frame or there is a penalty (running, push-ups, etc.)
o Emphasize two high hands or one high hand, whatever your defense calls for
o Offensive players only get 2 dribbles
o You can work this at all 6 baskets (if you have 6 baskets)
• Drill: Numbered Rebounding
o There are two defenders under the basket
o There are four offensive lines around the 3-point line (one line in each corner, and one line on each wing)
o Each line is numbered 1 through 4
o Coach will call out a number that has two numbers in it (12, 34, 43, etc.)
o The two players coach calls out will charge in for the rebound when the coach shoots the ball
o Defense must find them and box out (if offense gets it, they play live)
• Drill: Half Court 1 on 1
o 2 minutes on the clock
o Must get three stops in a row
o If the defender doesn’t get three stops in a row, that player runs
o If the defender does get three stops in a row, the team runs
o The concept is the team vs. one player at a time
o You could do this two different directions to work more players at once
• Drill: 1 on 1 zig zag Full Court
o This is in lanes
o 8 seconds to go full court
o Defender gets a stop, the offensive player has pushups
o Offensive player get to the opposite baseline, the defender has pushups

Jason Shelangouski

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Current head varsity girls’ basketball coach at Council Grove High School in Kansas.
Former head varsity boys’ coach at Riverside-Oakland High School in Oakland, Iowa.
Overall coaching record in 6 years of being a head coach is 102-42.
Have currently won 4 straight conference championships at two different schools, including two trips to state (one at each school). Named 1A Coach of the Year in 2013 in Iowa, which was my final year at my previous school.
Married to a beautiful wife and expecting our first child this Halloween.

Click on the pdf link to download the Nike Championship Basketball Clinic Notes – Overland Park, KS:

Nike Championship Basketball Clinic Notes – Overland Park, KS

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