Milos Teodosic could put on some of the best NBA passing drills that you have seen according to the NBA Golden State Warriors!

Serbian guard Milos Teodosic is proving in his first pre-season game that overseas highlight passes are for real. Teodosic could perform NBA Passing Drills for the entire NBA after the word got out. Most of the NBA Scouts knew that Teodosic was making a name for himself with CSKA Moscow in the Euroleague. He has become one of the best passing guards in all of basketball.

Chris Paul was traded to the NBA Houston Rockets so what did the Los Angeles Clippers do? They signed a two-year deal worth $12 Million for the oldest rookie in the NBA. Teodosic is 30 years old now.

Kevin Durant told Bill Simmons on his “B.S. Podcast” that Teodosic had thrown the best pass that he has ever seen in his life.

Teodosic was at the three-point line and drove to the basket and flicked the pass over his head with his right hand to his teammate. The pass faked Kevin Durant out, and he was in shock.

It looks like Lob City might still be working after he found Blake Griffin on a nifty look-away pass the other night.

I think that Milos Teodosic could lead a camp on NBA Passing Drills and most of the league would improve from it.

I am sure that most of the NBA scouts had concerns about Teodosic’s defense or ability to play all 82 games in the NBA. There is no replacement for Chris Paul, but one of the best Euroleague point guards is the right start for now.

If his first pre-season game was any indication of how he has a feel for the NBA game, then you need to watch out for him. The Clippers have plenty of scorers, and this guy is going to make it entertaining for them.

Serbia is one of the best countries for developing players, and if you watched Serbia play the USA in the Olympic group stages in Rio, then you know what is coming.

Austin Rivers can’t play tonight, because of a glute pull. Teodosic is going to start. I don’t care if he can’t shoot or play defense, but I bet he could show some NBA Passing Drills for the entire league.

De’Andre Jordan knows that Lob City is still alive!

Expectations for Milos Teodosic:

Can Teodosic start in the NBA? We are going to find out soon. Can Coach Rivers start his son over this guy? You have Patrick Everley, Austin Rivers, Lou Williams and Teodosic in the backcourt.

Can Milos Teodosic offer shooting at all?

There is an eighteen-minute video on Youtube called “Milos Teodosic Shooting.” Guess what he does? Just shoots three-point shots! The FIBA line is a little less than the NBA line. I bet that he adapts to the NBA. He has a rapid release, it’s compact, and he has good elevation on his shot. He is 6’5″ so he should be able to get his shot off against any point guard in the NBA.

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