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Can Spurs’ defense slow down or limit James Harden? Learn the NBA Houston Rockets Offense today!

NBA Houston Rockets Offense

The NBA Houston Rockets Offense vs the NBA San Antonio Spurs Defense is on tonight. Vegas has the Spurs as a five plus favorite. What do you say?

Tonight is a duel of the second round, James Harden vs. Kawhi Leonard, has been the best series so far. Tonight you will see the NBA’s silent stars.

Does Defense win championships? The half-time score of the Rockets and Spurs game is 60-58. The NBA Houston Rockets Offense is up too. They are spacing the Spurs out, and James Harden is getting to the rim. Right now, as Kenny Smith said on TNT, “It’s a shoot-out.”

Harden has the Spurs players still reaching out when they space the floor out. James Harden is driving to the basket hard, and the Spur’s defenders are in anticipation of his Euro-step. When he baits them in, then he is kicking it out for an open three point shot.

James Harden is a physical player that relies on the impact of the bump to make his way through that crowded lane. Harden goes a lot slower than Steve Nash did. Coach D’Antoni has tailor made this offense for a slower player like Harden. It is working on all cylinders tonight. I think whoever wins this game will win the series.

It’s in the third quarter right now, and Harden has 26 points using the Pistol Offense! Gregg Popovich is so mad right now with all the quick shots that the Spurs are taking.

Mike D’Antoni and his NBA Houston Rockets Offense success are making people forget about the Lakers and Knicks run. Coach D’Antoni has the Rockets tied up 2-2 tonight, and they are taking the lead in the third quarter. Coach D’Antoni is leading his second round NBA playoff team for the first time in ten years.

The NBA Houston Rockets Offense is reminding people of his deep playoffs drives in Phoenix and his struggles with the Lakers and Knicks. Tons of teams have embraced his style over the past ten years. Look at the Golden State Warriors, because Steve Kerr was the President of the Phoenix Suns at the time. It’s not lost on him.

Analytics and Mike D’Antoni are in harmony right now. He has a star in Harden like he did with Steve Nash. I know that he has produced the tenth most efficient offense of the NBA three-point era and that is saying something. Can you get your players to shoot better from three than working on their mid-range game? Analytics says that you can!

The Phoenix Suns created the stretch, big men, 100 points NBA averages, small ball and three-point shots galore The NBA Golden State Warriors won the 2015 championship playing this way.

Do you have a dominant ball playmaker and unconventional big guys? Is an open three point shot better than most shots created by a half court set that is methodical?

Most people think that Mike D’Antoni is playing the same way that he did with the “Seven Seconds or Less Offense.” Coach D’Antoni has convinced James Harden that you can score all the points and lead the league in assists too.

All the personnel is fitting together perfectly. Daryl Morey, the NBA Houston Rockets GM, and Coach D’Antoni are the perfect match. Morey got his shooters in Ryan Anderson, Lou Williams, and Eric Gordon. The NBA Houston Rockets offense has turned around a 41-41 team into the NBA’s third best team (55-27).

The system is in place. They know how they want to play. Harden creates double teams which made three-point shots available.

Update: It’s overtime right now. 101-101. I am a defensive coach by nature, but I do love the flow of the game from the NBA Houston Rockets Offense.

Click on the pdf link to download the NBA Houston Rockets Offense:

NBA Houston Rockets Offense

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