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P.J. Fleck: Changing the Minnesota Golden Gophers football culture!

How P.J. Fleck is modifying the Culture of Minnesota Golden Gophers Football! Steps involved plus Nike Program Building Notes too!

Why is a basketball coach writing about how the Minnesota Golden Gophers Football Program are changing their culture? It’s because I think that some football coaches are ahead of basketball coaches regarding culture. If they don’t have their culture down pat, then they can lose the 65-70 kids that they have. We have only 12-15 kids, but I think that it’s one of the most important things that you do. I love studying football coaches, and P.J. Fleck is doing it the right way at Minnesota. How do I know? I am recording “Being P.J. Fleck” on tv, and I suggest you do too.

“Being P.J. Fleck” is one of my favorite shows right now. He is one of the hottest footballer and coaches in college football. The episode right now is titled the “sleeping giant.” He shows how he connects with the kids right now. Everyone is “Rowing the Boat.” He is a motivational speaker four times a year outside of the Twin Cities. He believes that leaders need to be great listeners and lift their people up.

Are you Elite? We all think we are somebody. Let someone look inside your phone. Your phone is who you are. Would you be comfortable letting someone see what you have said the last ten days? Are you real or fake?

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How does he connect with players? He is a firm believer in “You must care about your players first to cause the buy-in from them.”

P.J. Fleck talks about the culture of a football program is more than wins and losses. He makes sure that you understand culture and tradition. The culture of selflessness and has an emphasis on serving others.

Coach Fleck believes that you have to use culture to empower your team to play and live like champions. It doesn’t matter that they haven’t won a conference title yet in the  Minnesota Golden Gophers Football Program.

“They don’t how much you know till they know how much you care” – Jim Tressel.

He believes that great teams change on a daily basis. Coach P.J. Fleck took over a Western Michigan Broncos team that was low in confidence. He engaged the Western Michigan University community and got them to think about more than wins and losses. He changed the branding, got the fan base engaged and changed recruiting. Coach Fleck only won one game in his first year at WMU, but he got his team to play hard every game and practice.

They “rowed the boat” and got energy, sacrifice, and ran to the right direction of life. He uses “RTB” in every aspect of the program. They have remembered to trust and stick to the plan.

Recruiting is going to change at Minnesota. Coach Fleck is going to get them in doors that they have never been in. They use all the senses in recruiting, and one of them is Smell. Coach Fleck will use different scents to engage recruits. He has a new car smell in the Trophy room, mango coconut oil in the training room, and appealing scents to enhance health, well-being, and connection.

You have seven seconds to make an impression on someone. That opinion uses all five senses. You never get a second chance to get a first

Coach Fleck sells his program on a vision of winning, leadership, and teamwork.

Developing a culture that creates leaders. Coach Fleck is HUGE on leadership development. He will have them to chair a council on Thursday to apply leaderships in creative ways.

They don’t want followers in their program; they want everyone to be a leader in their program. Coach P.J. Fleck and the Minnesota Golden Gophers Football team are all on the same page. They are clear, precise and organized in everything that they do.

Everything that Coach Fleck does is based on leadership:  They have symbols and custom t-shirts and gear for the players to remember the leadership based culture. Coach Fleck wants to teach his organization from where they are to where they desire to be in one word: Vision.

The Minnesota Golden Gophers football team are going to develop leaders, and I would be crazy to admit that I am rooting for Coach P.J. Fleck. He has me: “Rowing the Boat.”

So what does “Rowing the Boat” mean!

“Row the Boat” is the mantra that he uses in his whole program to fit it all together. Here are the three parts to rowing the boat. You have the oar which is the energy behind rowing the boat; The boat is the sacrifice that your team will have to do for the program to succeed. The compass is every person that comes in contact with the football program. They are all going for one central goal which is the success.

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