up-tempo basketball

Mike Anderson: Attack Drills for Up-Tempo Basketball

Mike Anderson: Attack Drills for Up-Tempo Basketball

up-tempo basketball

Mike Anderson: Attack Drills for Up-Tempo Basketball – Basketball — Championship Productions, Inc.

  • Learn how to trap and pressure in the half court to speed up the game and create discomfort for your opponent
  • Discover fantastic breakdown drills for developing the techniques needed to play high-pressure half-court defense
  • Get a versatile 4v4 shell drill that forces the offense to move and take care of the ball while the defense applies as much pressure as possible
  • Learn how to identify trapping opportunities within your man defense and surprise opponents or turn up the pressure without over-extending players in the full court

with Mike Anderson, University of Arkansas Head Coach

As part of the coaching staff that brought you “40 Minutes of Hell” basketball, Coach Mike Anderson now gives an inside look into some of the drills he uses to teach fast-pace basketball . Coach Anderson uses on-court demonstrations to show over 10 different drills designed to help your team play at a fast, intense pace.

Coach Anderson takes you through a typical practice from start to finish. He begins with warm-up time, which he believes is as valuable as actual basketball time. In the initial 40 minutes, Coach Anderson puts his team through a rigorous set of five conditioning drills. Each drill helps players envision their opponent as they work on building a top-notch pressure defensive system. Coach Anderson also teaches two unorthodox drills-one that uses a medicine ball and another that uses a water ball-to enhance mental conditioning as players focus on developing their catching and passing skills.

In this ground-up presentation, Coach Anderson outlines how he teaches denial defense and transitioning to help defense. He finishes with a half court 4v4 shell drill. Odd numbered drills force players to scramble and communicate while half-court drills teach good positioning and also stress the importance of winning the one-on-one battle on the defensive side of the ball. In the 4v4 shell drill, you’ll learn how to push players defensively to apply constant, nagging pressure defense on your opponent. You’ll create a style of attacking basketball that leaves your opponent searching for a break anywhere on the court.

Coach Anderson’s pressure drills will help any team attack their opponents on both ends of court, whether you play the fastest 40 minutes of basketball or are looking to create an up-tempo pressure defensive system.

Produced at the Spring 2013 Tunica (MS) clinic.

74 minutes. 2014.

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