John Beilein, the head coach at the University of Michigan, is the only active colligate coach that has accumulated 20 wins in four different collegiate divisions: junior college, NAIA, NCAA D II, and NCAA D I.  He is also in very elite company being one of only eight coaches that have taken four different teams to the NCAA National Tournament.  What I like most about Coach Beilein is his offensive mindset.  Beilein is known for his offensive structure, which focuses on and incorporates constant player movement, the need for great awareness and passing, back-door cuts, well-organized teamwork, and three point sharp shooting. The offense usually starts in a 4 out 1 in formation and relies heavily on proper spacing and an aggressive mindset to create great scoring chances. From this alignment, Beilein’s teams open up space for players to cut to the basket, but also are known for their high number of three-point attempts.   From Richmond to West Virginia to Michigan his two guard offense has found a way to succeed.

Included you will find the Michigan Two Guard Offense broken down into three segments.  The first segment includes the “Chin” series which is the beginning to his offense.  Mastering the “Chin” series first is highly recommended as this offense builds on layers.  After the “Chin” series is fully understood and your players begin to feel comfortable running several revolutions cohesively the next step is to add the “Shuffle” series.  What makes this two guard offense, and those similar Princeton style offenses, so effective is that they can be run seamlessly into one another.  When your players begin to understand both the “Chin” series and the “Shuffle” series begin to incorporate them together.  Go from the from the “Chin” series to the “Shuffle” series switching back and forth

The last segment is the most advanced example.  This is an example of a “Basic Motion” that Michigan ran throughout the season that can run into both the “Chin” series and the “Shuffle” series.

John Beilein is a proven winner at several different levels of competition.  I think that you will enjoy this breakdown of his Two Guard Offense.

We have new basketball contributor in Matt Duble.  I think that you will enjoy his basketball coaching material.  He is the Women’s Assistant Basketball Coach at Covenant College a NCAA Division III member located on Lookout Mountain, GA

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Michigan Two Guard Offense |  Learn from John Beilein and the University of Michigan | Matt Duble

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