Miami Heat EOG SLOB v Bucks- Game 4 BY CHRIS FILIOS

Miami heat eog slob

Miami Heat EOG SLOB v Bucks- Game 4 

Need a 3 out of the side out of bounds? Here is a great set for you. In overtime of Game 4, down 4 with 6.3 seconds left, the Miami Heat ran and executed this scissor-action SLOB to perfection to cut the game to 1. 

The Miami Heat have been the surprise of the playoffs thus far as they had been undefeated (7-0) prior to losing in overtime of Game 4 to the Bucks. They have done it with the signature underdog, physically, the tough mentality that has come to define the Pat Riley-Erik Spoelstra era in Miami. They have done it with a roster of players that have been underdogs themselves at one time or another. Bam Adebayo and Jimmy Butler both grew up very poor. Duncan Robinson started his college career in Division 3. Jae Crowder played junior college basketball. These are just some of the examples of the Heat DNA.

Check out the Miami Heat EOG SLOB below

Click here to download the X’s and O’s below:

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