Matt McCall Chattanooga Press Defense Notes

Matt McCall Chattanooga Press Defense

Matt McCall Chattanooga Press Defense

I recently heard Matt McCall talk on press defense at the OKC Thunder clinic. Matt McCall is a Billy Donovan disciple which means that he uses most of Coach Donovan’s presses from the University of Florida. Coach Matt McCall has had plenty of success with this style of play at UT-Chattanooga. Chattanooga is a favorite to win the Southern confernce.  You will love the Matt McCall Chattanooga Press Defense.

The Matt McCall Chattanooga Press Defense is designed to make ball handlers feel uncomfortable in the backcourt and even in the half court. The defense is at it’s best when offenses go faster, wear down mentally, and physically. The press tries to get one ball handler near the coffin corner, but brings everyone back except for one player to put immense pressure on the ball handler up until just before half court line where the press takes a zone look and then changes to a double team untile the opponent gets the ball in the center of the floor or in the post.

Matt McCall Chattanooga Press Defense Notes

The different approach is what makes these presses great. It’s not a typical 2-2-1 zone press or 1-2-1-1 diamond press. The center logo is a great guide to when the trapping action should take place on the floor the single man press is replaced by a trap at the mouth and trapping continues until the action is at the perimeter where the defense shifts to the man to man defense.

The press doesn’t have to force a turnover every posession. Chattanooga will be looking to score points to set up these pressing opportunities and challenge ball handlers and decision makers. Pressing team thrive on the mistakes and turns those mistakes into scores.

To press, you must be committed to it and work on it every day. You will need to put your most athletic player on the ball. You have two objectives: Make fatigue a factor and to take the other team out of their offense.

Coach McCall talk about the 4 No’s in the Press: No lay-ups / dunks, No rhythm 3’s, No 2nd chance opportunities, and No silly fouls.

Click on the pdf link to download the Matt McCall Chattanooga Press Defense Notes:

Matt McCall Chattanooga Press Defense Notes

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