Mark Few Nike Clinic Notes and much more!

Mark Few Nike Clinic Notes

Mark Few Nike Clinic Notes and much more!

Mark Few Nike Clinic Notes

The Mark Few Nike Clinic Notes will show his Gonzaga Ball Screen Offense. I think that that you are going to love these 21 pages of basketball coaching information.

Why hasn’t Mark Few left Gonzaga already?

Mark Few loves to fly fish, and the reason is that you have to work all the angles to see that tug of the fish. The time on the water allows Coach Few to work out the puzzle of running one of the best college basketball programs.

Fly fishing is challenging, and it allows him the time to think about recruiting, how they want to play, what they want to do with certain guys, scheduling, and much more. He gets to relax a bit out there, and it’s peaceful.

Gonzaga almost had the perfect season, but they fell to unranked BYU last Saturday, and they finish the season 29-1. The Zags fumbled away two key possessions late in the 79-71 loss.

Coach Few knows that he has probably the best team that he has had in his 18 seasons at Gonzaga and that they have a chance to win it all. They are as good as any number team and could win it all.

The closest game that Gonzaga had before the BYU loss was 10 points. They beat Arizona, Florida, Iowa State, Tennessee, and Washington this season.

Coach Few had stuck to his recruiting principles that he developed as an assistant coach at Gonzaga when he had to sleep on his friend’s couch. They look for High character and if they fit their system.

Even with their success, Coach Few sticks to his recruiting philosophy and makes sure that the recruit is the right fit and not the stars by their name.

This year’s team has a great mix of veterans, transfers, and the best recruiting class that Gonzaga has ever had. The Zags can score, and play almost any style. They lead the nation in scoring margin with 23.8 points per game.

Click on the pdf link to download the Mark Few Nike Clinic Notes and much more:

Mark Few Nike Clinic Notes and much more!

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