Mark Few Gonzaga

Mark Few Gonzaga Zone Set Plays by Wes Kosel

Mark Few Gonzaga Zone Set Plays by Wes Kosel

This playbook has three zone set plays from Gonzaga Head Coach Mark Few. Few has been a consistent force in the northwest having coached at Gonzaga since 1989. He started as a graduate assistant that year and was then an assistant coach from 1990-1999. He took over as the head coach in 1999 winning 26 games his first year. He hasn’t had a season with less than 23 wins in his 17 years leading the Zags, and he has a 466-111 overall record. Few has helped the small, private school in Spokane turn into a national powerhouse with 17 NCAA Tournament appearances. He has made 14 rounds of 32 and 6 Sweet 16’s. His Bulldogs made the Elite 8 in 2015. The Mark Few Gonzaga Playbook has some zone sets that Few uses.

Mark Few Gonzaga Bulldogs Zone Offense

Zone BLOB to Zone O

The Bulldogs ran this zone set in the NCAA Tournament and looked to get a quick dive to the block by Sabonis (Frame 1). If 5 isn’t open, 1 passes out to 3 on the perimeter. 1 then cuts to the corner. If x3 helps on 4, 1 may be open in the corner for a shot. If not, the team goes into zone offense.

Mark Few Gonzaga

Zone Overload Slot Screen

Gonzaga overloads the right side of the floor with this play and then sets a screen in the slot allowing 2 to drive left. x2 has to help on the drive by 2 leaving 1 open on the wing for a shot. If x4 tries to jump out to the wing it leaves 4 open cutting to the left block.

Mark Few Gonzaga

Zone Top Handoff

Wiltjer liked this play to get a shot at the top of the key against zone defenses. The ball gets to the high post and the bigs go into a dribble handoff for a shot.

Mark Few Gonzaga

Click on the pdf link below to download the Mark Few Gonzaga Bulldogs Zone Offense:

Mark Few Gonzaga Zone Set Plays

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