Lebron James Basketball Drills

Lebron James Basketball Drills

Take a look at these great Lebron James Basketball Drills from Tim Springer!

Lebron James Basketball Drills

You have a great opportunity to learn the Lebron James Basketball Drills from Skill Development Trainer Tim Springer. Coach Springer is one of the best in the business.

Lebron James and Paul George have led Cleveland Cavaliers and Indiana Pacers to be the powerhouses of the Eastern Conference.

We first saw this clash of titans in the Eastern Conference Finals last year.

While Lebron is the established superstar with multiple championships; George has shown himself to be on who will succeed quickly in the league.

This workout comes from actual game shots both took in the latest game of the Heat vs. Indiana.

Neither Lebron or George disappointed.

You will find both the game situation and improvised drill to learn the same move they used in the game.

These basketball drills will take you through the transition attack of Lebron James and Paul George. They will work on turn-around jump shots and shoot off the bounce. With the Lebron James Basketball Drills, You will work on the post up attack to the mid-line, transition elbow drag, and Pick and pop hedge attack.

Paul George is very quietly becoming the most improved player in the league. He is putting up great numbers this season, and they are playing great stellar defense for the Indiana Pacers. The Indian Pacers are the NBA top defensive team, and Paul George is getting comfortable in his role on that team. He is learning to find his shot more.

Prime-time players will make the big plays. Paul George is the best player on the NBA Indiana Pacers. The Pacers played hard against the Miami Heat, but they lost in six games.

Lebron James has beaten Paul George the last three times in three match-ups. It’s good for the NBA when you have players like these guys. Your teams can learn from Lebron James Basketball Drills.

Your teams will learn how to excel in the transition from these basketball drills. The Lebron James Basketball Drills also have to post up drills in the mid-post that will help your players.

The basketball players on your team will learn how to become a dominant player in the paint with these drills. The Post players will work on their footwork and ability to finish around the basket.

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Lebron James Basketball Drills

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