20 Things You Need To Know To Be A Great Ball Handler

Written by Coach Peterman

I have coached at the NCAA Division 2 (Southwestern Oklahoma State University), NAIA (USAO), and JUCO Levels (Blinn College and Carl Albert State College) as well as high school. I just felt that fellow coaches especially young coaches need to constantly work on their “game”. Just like the basketball players that we coach. We as coaches need to improve ourselves. That is my story and why I do this blog.

June 6, 2020

Most sports today are focused on mastering an object as such, and this object is undoubtedly the balls, from the football or also known as soccer, to baseball. Others need a very special technique to be able to perform.


Whose techniques are very managed by people who have years of training, and that is why if you want to be part of any of the countless sports that handle a ball.

You need to start the practices from now on so that with time, you can improve and adapt your body to obtain the necessary memories, and thus, to measures that you measure and assess performance, you can see how much you have advanced.

These ball-handling drills always need a professional coach who has the experience to carry them out without any eventuality, which is why you should also have one that gives you confidence and above all that is very responsible.

Since this person who knows the field and the strategies to evolve in the practices and make the handling of the balls effective, is the key to obtaining a correct, adequate training and especially according to the capabilities of your body.

Because if you talk about capabilities, it is obvious that not everyone is equal, you are not equal to your peers, and the difference lies in many things, weight, size, body type, race, muscular endurance, cardiovascular and much more.

All these issues are very taken into account when a person decides to start exercises for handling the ball, and thus achieve performance in the sport where it has to be used.

  1. Why Is The Physiognomy Something Important In The Management Of Balls?

It is one of the questions that have a lot of weight today and is that the difference of the bodies is something that is taken into account a lot before the coach begins with the routine, which must be part of the person’s life to train.

A series of physiological studies are carried out, such as weight, height, muscular endurance, cardiovascular, pulmonary, and other evaluations, so that the coach has a notion of your psychophysics.

And it can implement personalized exercises; therefore, if you are about to start a routine, your coach must know your body capacity so that the exercises to be performed are consistent with your resistance, and you can perform with them.

Most coaches look for people with high physical opacities so that the intensity of the practices is adequate, and it is achieved in a short time. Still, individual capacity and tolerance will always be respected.

Therefore you must go a step ahead of others. Before training officially, you can train your body little by little with exercises and personal routines that will improve your capacity and personal resistance.

When you have considerable time and feel ready and able to focus on official training, then they can choose to use a personal or group coach to teach you the Ball-handling drills.

What is sought with these burials is that the good handling of the ball is developed and that you have good coordination between the ball, your hand, and your sight, and although the sight for many is something silly to practice.

It is part of the key strategies for you to be able to place the ball where your eyes focus. Still, these training sessions are not easy, and they are increasingly demanding since you will be required to force the body to change yourself and thus make it yield to as the training progresses.

  1. Development Of Good Hand-Eye Coordination

As mentioned at the beginning, if you want to do a good ball-handling and have performed in practice, you must force your body to adapt to the requirements that you demand gradually.

And it is that among the many pieces of training, part of them focus on your vision and hands being coordinated so that they do not need to see the ball to know it, but getting to this point is something difficult but not impossible.

Since with perseverance and a lot of perseverance, you will be able to improve considerably and very noticeable when you put a grip on the exercises performed since what is sought with them is that you achieve full control of the ball with both hands and fix your eyes on the launch site.


So you do not lose sight of the main point where the ball should be, and your cognitive system helps you better in the distance, speed, and intensity with which you must throw the ball, to deposit it in its destination.

As you move forward, you will notice that using the ball-handling drills, you will gradually improve the skill in controlling the ball in the hands, and when this is already overcome, the other stage comes.

With a little intense practice and exercises, you have to improve the relationship of sight and your cognitive system so that when you no longer see the ball but dominate it, you can throw it and hit the final goal.

  1. Good Practice, You Can Never Miss

The practice is an important thing that you can never miss, and that is that with it, you as the future dominator of the ball, through the same anger having the dominance and skills necessary to be able to perform later.

For this reason, it is important that it never be absent, that it is constant and above all with the intensity and exercises that you can tolerate, to perform as you go gradually, practice and whenever you can include new challenges that will help you to advance and see the progress.

  1. Agility, Control, And Speed Between Both Hands

It is common, and if you are a lover of games to see the professionals as they change the ball from one side to the other, this is thanks to the coordination and development of agility and control between both hands.

But getting to this point, it is necessary to apply exercises where your motor perception works at full throttle, so that you can just feel and think without needing to see, position the ball in each place without having the desire to be looking at a fixed place and lose sight of what’s important.

Ball handling exercises (ball-handling drills) has a lot to do in this case, because through it and the practices carried out, the person develops his motor control.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Motor Evaluations

Motor evaluations should always be ahead. To the bad of many, there are certain limitations in nature at the muscular level, and it is these same limitations that must be excluded before starting this training.

Because these will make it impossible for you to continue giving up and no matter how much you look for the solution, it will be a bit difficult since you will not have the physiological help to perform, therefore it will be a little difficult to develop such a virtue to be able to dominate the ball.


But, your scenario is different and you have a full motor, and nervous capacity, healthy and that responds effectively to the exercises, in a short time everything will evolve. With dedication, the results will be consolidated.

  1. Constancy And Perseverance, Which Will Move You Forward

Consistency and perseverance is the key to success in this type of exercise to dominate the ball, and that is that the muscle, the autonomic nervous system, and the cognitive system, need consistency and repetition for the body to adapt to it.

  1. Direct Control Over The Throwing Of The Ball Towards Its Destination

You have to be one of the people who manage to make a firm, direct launch, and so much hesitation, with the necessary force and total control since the ball, must not be deflected, and they have to go in a direct launch with the appropriate speed and direction.

For this, you need something called muscular throwing force, which needs two important things, the first, the physiological force of the body, and the second, mastery without seeing the ball when throwing it.

  1. Make The Throws Longer And Longer

If you need the ball to have a long reach from where you are and the point, you must have a strong arm, and for this, the exercise is required. With these exercises, your arms will have muscular resistance, elasticity, and power to dominate the throwing of the ball.

  1. Always Look For Good Control Of The Ball


You need to have a good command of the ball, and this is obtained when point number 4 of this list has been achieved without a problem, and therein lies the importance of complying with the steps and advice mentioned, since one is correlated with another.

When you have passed the relevant evaluations in the strength of the arms and the mastery of the ball, in the second instance, you can gradually increase the intensity. In other words, you can throw the ball farther and farther to see your motor responses.

And if you need to refine your launches, you can go to the previous steps to see where the flaw is, what the problem is, and once you fix it to make a clean and smooth launch.


For you, this is one of the most important tips, because in the world of sports the ball is thrown from great distances. And that’s where people start to make a difference to others, all thanks to practice, focus, and desire.

  1. Carrying Out Comprehensive Exercises Repetitively


You should know that comprehensive exercises are those that bring together everything that has already been mentioned. And as you carry them out, you will realize that what you are undertaking is being unconsciously put into practice.

And that is what is based and what is wanted for you, that your body already has a memory of everything you have practiced so that you gradually improve it and thus improve where you have very noticeable flaws.

  1. Always Assess Where Your Failures Are


As you do the exercises, you must realize where the faults are to correct it early and that the body does not get used to them. Well, the failures are not positive at all and can present opposition in the performance of the person when playing.

You have the complete freedom of yourself to create the schedule with which to perform the exercises.

The important thing is that perseverance and perseverance are maintained because success goes hand in hand. And so the Ball-handling drills have the impact you want it to have on you.

  1. Don’t Push Yourself As Hard, Work As Far As You Can Go


Do not demand more of yourself than you cannot give; your body and everyone has a learning limit, and over time you will give yourself how much of your limit. When this is already reached from there, you can not advance, because your body has already reached the maximum of your performance.

If you were to demand much more of yourself, you could have an involution, and you will lose what you have learned by straining the systems. That is something you do not want, so work and practice in the ball-handling drills as far as your body allows.

  1. Create Your Workout Rhythm


No one other than you knows what time arrangements you have, so you should create your training rhythm after you have already passed the other training and coordination training.

Create the hours, the days and set the intensity and exercises to be carried out during personal and personalized training, so that your room works at its intensity and avoids fatigue and muscular fatigue, which requires considerable time to recover.

  1. Create New Challenges


As you go through the custom performance, you can create your challenges such as passing scores, hitting balls, or combining both, so that the subconscious adapts to the challenges and seeks to overcome them.

  1. Never Lower Your Performance Level


You should always seek to maintain your performance level, and as you carry out the relevant exercises, you can assess whether you increase in performance or decrease.

To decrease, you only need to be trained to achieve your performance totally, and with the same performance, perpetrate it so that when you present professional tournaments or not, you can demonstrate your skills and the correct practices.

  1. Evaluate If You Know How To Master Your Learned Skills Well


When you are in your training, you should also study the skills learned in the other training. And with this assessment, know if it was positive and your body responded well to them.

If not, you can correct them because that is what this advice is about, to assess and to have errors correct them to avoid that they adhere to the body and create a minority, which can considerably effect performance.

  1. Always Correct The Errors You Find


In personal studies, you have already done on your performance in personal training. You must correct the errors found to prevent your body from getting used to it. And so you have what you have learned well polished, seeing the result when you are playing and achieving what you have learned and perfected in handling the balls.

  1. Avoid Losing Coordination Learned During Training


Normally, the coordination between the hands and the cognitive system is lost as time passes. But they have to avoid that; it should not happen because you would be wasting all the time and dedication to learn it.

Therefore, the most positive way for you not to lose it is to do constant exercises and see how you respond. Keep what you have learned in practice and avoid losing the ability to dominate the ball without seeing it.

As you should also avoid decreasing the ability to throw the ball without having to see it, keeping your gaze fixed on the point you want to get the ball to. All this is based on practice, with improvement in training and above all, with perseverance.

  1. Don’t let a sedentary lifestyle take over you


One of how you must avoid the loss of the coordination and skills learned is by avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. You can’t stop training, that’s why you need a work schedule created with your own set-up time.

A sedentary lifestyle is the worst enemy of athletes, and when you want to learn to dominate your balls, you have to avoid it. Motivate yourself to train, create goals to meet, and reward yourself when you manage to exceed your expectations since it is something rewarding.

Keeping training also, together with perseverance and perseverance, is what will make success come. And for this, it is always necessary to avoid a sedentary lifestyle in its entirety. It is acceptable to take breaks, but do not take them over, because they will leave havoc difficult to eliminate.

Everything has its time, and in your life, you should spend a little time on something that will be positive for you. Your personalized schedules where you have full dedication to improve and correct the errors found are what make many stand out above the rest.


  1. Enjoy Your Games, Show That You Are The Best At Handling Balls


When the time comes for you to play, enjoy your games, and in them everything you learned. There at that precise moment, you will see the fruit of the time invested in improving. And you will not regret being constant and persevering.

Effectively performing on each shot, putting into practice the coordination learned and responding to the ball’s throw without seeing it. Managing to feel satisfied with yourself and want to continue improving in the sport.


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