basketball training tips

Kevin Eastman Basketball Training Tips

Kevin Eastman Basketball Training Tips

• Practice at a rate equal to or faster than the speed of the game
• Understand that it is a process to improve

• Eliminate your workout killers
• Fatigue
• Boredom
• Same skills but different drills to work on them

• Have a written workout program
• Conditioning (within drills), dribbling, shooting
• Skills are done in all workouts

• Theory of 2
• 2 minutes to show a skill o 2 weeks to become comfortable at that skill o 2 months till that skill is game ready

4 Must Haves in Your Drill Work | Kevin Eastman Basketball Training Tips

• Weak hand development
• Be careful how you introduce these drills, trick the player

• Footwork and balance emphasis

• Playing through contact

• Contesting shots
• Simple contest from coach o Light foul from coach

6 keys to quality shooting workout | Kevin Eastman Basketball Training Tips

• Catch and shoot shots
• Cut-catch-shoot shots
• Shots off dribble
• Perfect form on all shooting drills
• Contest all shots
• Game shots, game spots, game speed

9 important teaching points for drills
• It’s a game of inches
• You must pound dribble
• Ball is in hand more so you can do more with it o Makes the ball quicker as well

• Play the game low to high

• It’s a shoulders game
• Lowest shoulders wins when it is more or equal speed

• Shoulders-hips
• When driving or cutting off a screen your shoulders must be as low as the D’s hips so you can take contact

• Feet first, ball second
• Feet give you advantage, shoulder to hip gives you strength, ball gives you separation

• Find your feet on your shots
• You want the same base on every shot o Best shooters have 6 boards between their feet

• Use your eyes more
• Eyes to the rim to set up your drives

Perimeter Drills | Kevin Eastman Basketball Training Tips

• Chair Drills
• Intensity layups

▪ 2 chairs at each elbow
▪ Players takes ball off chair and drives to rim for a lay-up
▪ After lay-up, player runs up between the chairs and goes to the next chair for a pickup and lay-up
▪ Continue for set time
▪ Coach can foul player on the cut o Elbow Jump shot

▪ 2 chairs at each elbow, ball on each chair

▪ Player at TOK, must fake a cut one way and then cut to chair to pick up ball for a catch and shoot

▪ Progression: run past chair, turn around and pick ball and shoot on other side of chair (reverse elbow pick-up) o Quick square ups

▪ Player at TOK facing coach

▪ Coach at half court

▪ Coach passes to the player and calls “left” or “right”

▪ Player then pivots off that foot to catch, square up and shoot

▪ Progression: take one step deeper and then shot fake on the catch and take a one dribble pull – a shot fake is your shot not taken o 1 on 1 chair drill – same as Cedarville drill but has both players run to the outside of the chair

Post Drills | Kevin Eastman Basketball Training Tips

• Chair 1 on 1
• Two chairs or cones at elbow
• Players facing their chairs, one with ball one without o Same as guard 1 on 1 but with post players working from the elbow drive

• Chair 1 on 1 from block

1 chair in front of the block about 11 feet out

Other chair on the left of that chair
• Post players facing the chairs, one with the ball, one without o Chair closest to the corner is the one the player with the ball is facing

• Same as other chair 1 on 1 drills but post player will probably have to glide dribble and back man down

• Circle block 1 on 1
• 2 players on the block, circling around one another showing active hands calling for the ball
• Coach will pass to one of the post players and then they are live 1 on 1 from there

• Baseline touch one on one
• Chair at the logo with a ball on it o Players run from the chair to touch the baseline, then sprint back to grab the ball and play live 1 on 1

• Survivor
• 1 on 1 in middle of paint
• Offense has coach imposed rules before he can shoot

▪ i.e. 2 pivots, 2 pivots and a dribble

Conclusion | Kevin Eastman Basketball Training Tips

• players will work hard when they know that you are working hard for them
• always be emphasizing the 9 teaching points

Bio: John Leonzo is a student assistant for the men’s basketball team at Cedarville University, a DII school in western Ohio. Currently an undergrad, he is studying physical education. His basketball responsibilities include film breakdown and scouting, coordinating video exchange, assisting with various practice duties, as well as overseeing a group of student assistants. John is an aspiring college basketball coach and looks to continue with the game after college.

basketball training tips

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Kevin Eastman Basketball Training Tips

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