Bruce Weber: Kansas State Basketball took a step forward this season. Clinic Notes inside!

Kansas State Basketball

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The Kansas State Basketball team has a good season, and it was very close to being superb. Kansas State basketball coach Bruce Weber talked with the media this past week after going 21-14 this year.

They had a first-round loss in the NCAA Tournament, but they had some good moments and very positive things happen. The Kansas state basketball team had some heartbreaking losses that could have pushed them higher up in the rankings. They might not have been waiting to see if they got in the NCAA Tournament and would have been locked into it.

Coach Weber challenged them to take the next step forward this past year. They stayed together and didn’t give the talk about their coach possibly being fired.

The Wildcats did lose eight of ten games late in the season before they won two regular season games and beat Baylor in the Big 12 Tournament to get into the NCAA Tournament. They won a Final Four game against Wake Forest but lost to a tough Cincinnati team.

The Kansas State basketball team stayed active and survived a tight schedule. They didn’t listen to any noise from the media.

The Kansas State athletic director John Currie took off to be A.D. at Tennessee. The school announced the Bruce Weber would return to the school for the sixth year.

Coach Weber thinks that Wes Iwundu has another level and he is already rising on the NBA Draft boards. They could make a run next year.

They signed three bodies in the early signing period. They will be looking for a post player to come in and play right away.

Click on the pdf link to download the Bruce Weber: Kansas State Basketball Notes

Bruce Weber: Kansas State Basketball Notes

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