John Beilein Michigan Two Guard Front Offense by Jimmie Oakman

Today’s basketball coaching clinic notes are on John Beilein and the Michigan Two Guard Front Offense.

These basketball notes that were done by Jimmie Oakman will explain a small portion of the Michigan Two Guard Front Offense that took Michigan to the National Championship game.  It’s a combination of  Two Guard Front Offense and some Princeton Offense.  Coach Jimmie Oakman did a great job in explaining it so you need to check it out.
Here are the main principles of the Michigan Two Guard Front Offensive Plan of Attack, as described in the notes:

  • Penetrate the lane; kick to open three’s
  • Control the tempo
  • Create mismatches with on-ball screens
  • Backdoor cuts for open lay-ups

Click on the top of the pdf file below to download it to your pc. You will acquire a great source of information on a famous college basketball offense, designed by one of the best basketball coaches all over the world. Be sure that you will find lots of ideas on how to remake your own team’s offense. You will also get some great diagrammed plays for your personal playbook.

Clinic notes are a great source of information for basketball coaches. And the set of notes presented here can be really helpful for those looking for information on this specific basketball offense.

Click the pdf link to download the basketball coaching clinic notes:

John Beilein Michigan Two Guard Offense by Jimmie Oakman

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