Jerod Haase: Off-Season Skill Development Workout

Off-Season Skill Development Workout

Jerod Haase: Off-Season Skill Development Workout


Jerod Haase: Off-Season Skill Development Workout – Basketball — Championship Productions, Inc.

  • Learn how to create a competitive, challenging, entertaining off-season workout
  • Learn a unique two-ball workout that incorporates forward/backward and different ball movements
  • Learn shooting drills that focus on shots in transition
  • Get a ball screen breakdown drill series to practice game shots at game speed

with Jerod Haase, University of Alabama-Birmingham Head Coach;
former assistant coach under Roy Williams at North Carolina and Kansas

Prepare your team during the off-season with workouts that Jerod Haase learned as a player and used as a coach. If you’re looking for proven ways to improve your players’ skill levels, Coach Haase’s toolbox of drills, including many from his decade-long association with coaching great Roy Williams, is a must-have for your coaching library.

High-intensity, competitive summer workouts are the best way to keep players well conditioned during the off-season. In some of the presentation’s first drills, Coach Haase demonstrates how to approach skill development with a teammate on the court. First, he spends time on shooting drills that require players to get their footwork right as they continually work to get their shots up. He shows how to incorporate “game action” into your drills and how to avoid wasting time executing drills.

In the second part of the presentation, Coach Haase runs players through both stationary and on-the-move ball-handling drills. Later in the presentation, a former player and current assistant coach Bobby Frazier demonstrate Coach Haase’s two-ball, on-the -move dribble workout. This may be the highlight of the presentation. While we have seen two-ball workouts before, the unique twist of adding movement to the drill will challenge any player and add to their ball-handling prowess.

Coach Haase then breaks down his post player workout. By developing a favorite move and then adding a counter move to it, big players learn to be great at a few things instead of just merely good at several skills. He also shares a great drill to initiate post work where the players learn to own the block prior to receiving the ball.

The ability to make shots from a stationary position is critical but knowing how to shoot off the bounce or on the move determines a shooter’s greatness. Coach Haase shares a series of drills that work on all of these concepts, as well as a drill for shooting out of transition. He teaches a number of competitive, fun shooting drills that a player can execute individually or with teammates.

Competing is one of the reasons we play this game. These drills are great competition drills and will surely keep your players working hard while enjoying the process.

Produced at the Fall 2013 Birmingham (AL) clinic.

73 minutes. 2014.

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