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James Borrego: Face in New Places

The Charlotte Hornets have tabbed former Greg Popovich assistant coach James Borrego as their new head basketball coach. Borrego joins the Hornets after spending the last 3 seasons with the San Antonio Spurs. With the hire, Borrego becomes the NBA’s first Latino head coach. Borrego got his start in the NBA with the Spurs as a video coordinator in 2003-04, eventually being elevated to the role of assistant coach. In 2010, James Borrego left the Spurs to join the New Orleans as an assistant coach. After 2 seasons, he joined the Orlando Magic staff. He did gain some head coach experience as he served as the interim head coach for 30 games in 2015. Borrego finally returned to the Spurs in 2015.

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James Borrego has brought a fresh, new offensive system to Charlotte that his players are excited about. The new-look Hornets are looking to attack earlier in the clock and from the perimeter. There has been a heavier emphasis on spacing the floor to create more driving opportunities and taking more shots from behind the arc. They are looking to space around their all-star playmaker, Kemba Walker. However, this does not mean that they are asking Kemba to be more ball-dominant. In fact, I would imagine that it will be the complete opposite. I expect that it will look much more like the Spurs.

Pace and space is the new order in the NBA. More and more teams have moved away from slow, isolation, set play basketball and towards faster paced, free-flowing basketball. With this shift, we see more of an emphasis on spacing, quick decision, ball movement, and 3-point shooting.

You will love this new offense that will take the NBA by storm. You are going to love it. Just check it out today.

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