Horns X Zone Offense by Lason Perkins

Horns X Zone Offense by Lason Perkins

This Horns X Zone Offense set was designed to attack a wide 1-3-1 zone that plays the passing lanes and attempts to funnel the ball to the middle. The point guard (1) starts on a side as 4 screens the top of the zone and 5 screens the middle defender. 1 dribbles to the opposite side. In the Horns X Zone Offense, the 1 reads the defense and looks for 2 in the corner or back to 4.

A second way of screeing with 5, would be to screen teh top and 4 screen the wing. 1 attacks the big. 1 would wait and freeze 5 with the dribble and then look for shooters spotting up in the corner.

The Horns X Zone Offense is a great play from Lason Perkin’s Horns Offense or “A-Set” Offense Dvd. Coach Perkins is recognized globally as one of basketball’s brightest coaching minds. He has coached at every level of basketball from elementary school to the professional ranks, and is the creator of many instructional basketball videos. He is a great student of the game with an expert understanding of Xs and Os, and maintains contact with coaches from around the world.

Horns X Zone Offense

Coach Perkins has researched the Horns Set Plays in great detail and shows the the basics of the offense, and then includes numerous detailed plays and options, all with on-court demonstrations. Plays are categorized as (1) plays for your shooters, (2) pick and roll plays, (3) plays for your post players, and (4) a few additional “bonus” plays.

NBA professional coaches Mike D’Antonio and Rick Carlisle have used this offense, as have college coaches Mike Krzyzewski (Duke), Tom Izzo (Michigan State), Johnny Dawkins (Stanford), and Brian Gregory (Dayton).

The Horns X Zone offense and many other Horns Set Plays have been used extensively and successfully in Europe by great European coaches Ettore Messina, Dusko Ivanovic, Sergio Hernandez, and David Blatt. The DVD also includes a pdf document with all of the play diagrams in FastModel format. In addition, Coach Perkins has included live game video footage and an interview with coach Eric Musselman who provides some additional thoughts and tips. Coach Musselman is now the Head coach at the University of Nevada.

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Click on the pdf link to download the Horns X Zone Offense:

Horns X Zone Offense by Lason Perkins

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