Herb Welling – Dribble Motion offense review


I know that I haven’t done a dvd review in a while, but I had one come across my desk. It was over Vance Walberg’s offensive system which Coach Calipari has nickname Dribble Drive Motion.

Coach Welling from Omaha Central Hs. in Nebraska did a two dvd set of Dribble Motion. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I thought that it was great. I took notes on it and ended up with 15 pages of handwritten notes. It was jam-packed with stuff from Coach Walberg’s offense. I thought that Coach Welling did a great job breaking down the “reads” of the motion offense. It was well organized and if you are just starting out wanting to know more about the Coach Walberg/Calipari offense that is all the rage. You should check it out.

The only negative thing about the dvd would be that I would have liked to seen more live footage, but they did good job of putting Omaha Central footage in it. I would have liked to see a defense in the presentation, but that is really nickpicking it.

I would recommend that anyone that is learning about the Walberg offense that they should get the dvd. I am going to break down the Drills dvd tomorrow if all goes well. Coach Welling also adds some things that he likes to do as set entries or plays to get into the offense. It was easy to follow and done in a good manner.

I have seen a lot of dvds lately and they don’t have much to them. This dvd has alot of “bang” for the buck.

Coach Peterman

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