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Hammer Action by Chris Filios

One of the most popular late game actions run by teams is the Hammer action. It has become prevalent amongst many NBA teams and is run across all of Europe. It is probably most associated with the San Antonio Spurs.

Hammer action is a simple action. Teams have become very creative in finding ways to run it, but it pretty much breaks down to misdirection with the ball on one side of the floor to occupy the defense, and a flare screen on the weak side to get a shooter a free corner 3. The ball side usually involves a step-up pick and roll forcing multiple players having to help on the ball handler. It also forces the help-side defense to worry about the ball being driven to the rim or a free rolling big to the rim. Thus, it is easy for them to lose vision to their own assignments on the weakside, setting up the perfect opportunity for an effective flare screen to free a shooter with no help.

Click on this link to download the basketball plays below!

While most teams run this action as an out of the timeout, end of quarter/half/game situation, or in a special situation when a 3 is required, it has become more and more common to run as a set or a wrinkle to another set play.

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