Olympic Qualifying – Greece vs. Iran Set Plays

Olympic Qualifying – Greece vs. Iran Set Plays by Wes Kosel

The Olympic Qualifying Tournaments have started and the first game in the Italy Qualifying Tournament featuring Greece vs. Iran Set Plays. Greece won the game 78-53 cruising easily to a win in Group A play. Giannis Antetokounmpo led the way with 16 points and 3 rebounds for Greece. Iran was led in scoring by Hamed Haddadi who scored 16 points and had 4 rebounds. Greece will finish group play with a game against Mexico on Wednesday, July 6th. Iran will play Mexico tomorrow. The top two teams from Group A will advanced to the semifinals on Friday, July 8th.

Greece Set Plays

Olympic Qualifying – Quick Post Slice

1 hits 4 in the low post then screens for 2 making a slice cut out to the wing.

Iran Set Plays

Olympic Qualifying – Swing Shuffle PTP

Here is a PTP action using a shuffle screen/down screen combo. 2 can pass to 1 on the shuffle cut or to 4 cutting to the top of the key for a shot.

Olympic Qualifying

Olympic Qualifying – SLOB Zipper Post

This sideline out of bounds play is great for getting the ball quickly into the post. 5 sets a zipper screen then immediately steps out to the short corner to get the ball.

Olympic Qualifying

Olympic Qualifying – Box Top Flare

Here is a nice screen the screener action with 2 setting an up screen for 5. 4 screens for 3 on the opposite lane line and 3 loops around to set a flare for 2. 5 has multiple options: he can score, pass to 2 for a shot, or give the ball to 1 with a handoff.

Olympic Qualifying

Iran Set Plays

Olympic Qualifying – Step Up to Horns

Iran uses this step up ball screen play to attack the empty left side of the floor. If it isn’t open, they go directly into a horns set play.

Olympic QualifyingOlympic Qualifying

Olympic Qualifying – High DHO PNR

In this weave type play, Iran sets a ball-screen, gives a dribble handoff, then follows with a high ball-screen for 2. 2 drives left as 5 rolls to the rim and 4 relocates to the corner.

Olympic Qualifying

Click on the pdf link below to download the Olympic Qualifying Playbook – Greece vs Iran:

Olympics Qualifying Playbook – Greece vs Iran

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