Golden State Warriors Quick Hitter- After Time Out by Mike Cyprien, Jr

Golden State Warriors Quick Hitter- After Time Out by Mike Cyprien Jr.

Picked this Golden State Warriors Quick Hitter up after a recent GSW win versus the Sacramento Kings. Besides their unselfish play and ball movement, one thing I’m impressed with is the Warriors’ after time out execution. Most teams run a set specifically for after time out situations as the opposition may be caught off guard since the play is drawn up in the huddle rather than called and most times won’t be called out by the defense.

Golden State Warriors Quick Hitter -Diagram 1– In this play, the Warriors begin with a “Horns” look with Steph Curry (#30) on the point,  Andrew Bogut (#12) and Draymond Green (#23) at the high elbow spots and Klay Thompson (#11) and Harrison Barnes (#40) spaced wide in each corner. Because of both Thompson and Barnes’ shooting ability and the ball being in the center of the floor, it’s hard for the defense to help from either corner

Golden State Warriors Quick Hitter

Golden State Warriors Quick Hitter – Diagram 2- This particular play, the Warriors are getting Draymond Green a shot so Steph Curry will enter the ball into Bogut (#12). Steph will then shallow cut and crack back setting a back screen on Green’s defender.

  • It’s worth noting that both Bogut and Green are skilled bigs with really good passing abilities which makes this play that much more efficient.
  • Because of the shooting threat and spacing in each corner combined with the action being in the center of the court, it’s hard to help defensively.
  • Even though Steph Curry is slight of build, he’s GOT to set a solid screen on Green’s man for this to work. He has to make good contact with the screen and make his own defender make a decision; should he help on the cutter and leave Curry for an open jumper or stick with Curry and possibly leave the basket unguarded.

Of course we know the Warriors shoot the ball well and share it even better but when you take time to watch them play, you’ll see they’re success is more than just three pointers and Steph Curry’s dribbling abilities.

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Click on the pdf link to download the Golden State Warriors Quick Hitter:

Golden State Warriors Quick Hitter- After Time Out

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