Fundamental Basketball Drills: It’s time to bring them back! by Rory Richeson

fundamental basketball drills

 Fundamental Basketball Drills: It’s time to bring them back!  Tons of free download skill development drills available inside!

It’s that time of year for fundamental basketball drills right now. The NBA is back in session yesterday with their NBA Training Camp. Steve Kerr thinks that it is necessary for fundamental basketball drills because even his Golden State Warriors need that instruction.

The NBA Golden State Warriors won an NBA championship last year, and the NBA is lengthening the season schedule to start earlier this year. So it is the shortest off-season for the NBA players yet, it seems like the longest and most action-packed off-season of all time.

Tons of star players have moved around in both conferences and reshaped the NBA landscape. Steve Kerr has his Warriors back in action, and he is having his team get back to the simple fundamentals of the game. Simple Passes, Lay Ups, Jump Stops and pivoting. Some coaches might think that it’s too boring, but it is needed badly.

Here are the fundamental basketball drills:

Click here for Finishing Layups.
Foul Shooting.
Dribbling and ballhandling.
Jump stops.
Triple threat position and pivoting.
Jab steps.

Steve Kerr as taught by Tex Winter when he was with the Chicago Bulls. One of his first practices with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen had the team lineup at half court and threw two-hand chest passes back and forth. They did the one-hand pass, bounce pass, left-hand pass. It sounds like grade school practice, right?

Two of the best players in the world were passing back and forth to each other. A lot of coaches will yell that the fundamentals are gone from the game. Elite players are coming up through the AAU ranks and usually, rely on superior athleticism than skill to win games. A lot of these players are isolation scorers in their early years. The thought process is that you don’t need good footwork if you are incredibly talented, but it catches up with them very quickly.

The Warriors can be coached and are hungry to get better. You might not like them, but they watch basketball footage to get better. Draymond Green thinks that if you pass around someone at their ankles then it gets them out of rhythm and Klay Thompson is a believer too.

If you hit someone in the shooting pocket, then you have a better chance of making the shot. You have to be almost perfect to be an NBA champion.

Perfection is hard to accomplish if you don’t have near perfection fundament basketball drills in each session.

Details are the things that good coaches instill into their team. The best teams want the advice. You need to eliminate errors, and that is where having fundamentals comes into play each game.

Shooting is one of the fundamental basketball drills that must be

Fred Hoiberg spent time last season with Dwayne Wade on his three-point shooting, and it improved to 31 percent last season, which isn’t great, but it was his second-best percentage in his career.

Coach Hoiberg was a 39.6 percent “three-point shooter” in his NBA career. His latest project is Kris Dunn. Dunn shot 28.8 percent from the three-point line in his rookie season. The basic fundamental is the biggest thing when he shoots. That is what Coach Hoiberg is trying to instill in him.

Kris Dunn didn’t have to be shot-ready in high school or college. He was more athletic than anyone on the court. In the NBA, the opponents are smarter and quicker. He is learning that catching the ball in the shooting pocket gets his shot off quicker which is a middle school skill.

Fred Hoiberg has worked on Dunn’s balance a lot. His footwork was in two parts, and you need him in one motion to be shooting efficiently. They have been doing a lot of one hand shooting and fundamentals with him. They are breaking down his shot and building it up.

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