Fun Basketball Exercises That Improve Court Skills

Fun Basketball Drills

Written by Coach Peterman

I have coached at the NCAA Division 2 (Southwestern Oklahoma State University), NAIA (USAO), and JUCO Levels (Blinn College and Carl Albert State College) as well as high school. I just felt that fellow coaches especially young coaches need to constantly work on their “game”. Just like the basketball players that we coach. We as coaches need to improve ourselves. That is my story and why I do this blog.

April 16, 2020

There are Fun Basketball Drills that many coaches can use to motivate their students. Beyond starting warming, there is always a way to motivate students to achieve excellence. Everyone must understand that basketball is a team sport and it should work that way.

The ideal of the basketball game is that you can score points using group strategies and also individuality strategies. Both forms combined give better results so you can motivate your students towards the work of their skills. The idea of ​​doing fun exercises for students is to eliminate the problems that occur in them without forcing too much.

All classes taught must be based on the development of the different means of defense of the ball and attack. Basketball has a very important initiative that trains bold athletes who can adapt to situations. From this point of view, the ideal is that they begin to look for the weakness of each to reinforce.

Creating as a kind of fun guide for your students can make them prepare for their future problems. Generally, sports education is part of recreation programs where objectives are achieved through intelligent practices. Basketball is not escaping this reality the more fun the training, the better results you can finally have.

These exercises correspond to the warm-up that usually takes an hour for the body to be prepared for subsequent movements. Since a warm-up begins, students should try to enjoy it so that everything is easy.

With What Exercises Do You Start Training?

The coach tells his students about the essentials of basketball. This is that when starting training, students are motivated to learn from the stars of the moment. Every time a new player wins, his years of hard work and his great achievements are revealed.

All previous warm-ups can be aimed at developing the basic skills the players need within this tactical sport. Not putting the ball in the basket will be enough for the population you train to take advantage of it. However, starting with those skills during training will cause more excitement among students who practice sports.

When you start training a new team, the main thing is to evaluate your skills and limitations in the field. This includes that previous workouts should include foot movements and tactics that have to do with throws. If there is a failure in these two aspects, it is easier to correct them in previous training sessions than in court games.

Each of the pass and movement exercises within the game taught must be explained separately. As a coach, grab your students and give your manifestation of dribbling and other important movements. The throws to the baskets can also be a way to do previous workouts and for the students to have fun.

Getting the ability to have a view combined with the strength of the pitch is something that must be quickly implemented. Also, the movement of the feet shows the trainers what the tactics to follow to improve this is. If you are a coach, do not worries, the objectives of each of the movements of the diffused game will be briefly explained.

  1. Launch

In a basketball game, one of the key movements is for the ball to center the basket. If this does not happen, you can have failures when playing a game, and the results will be unfavorable. An intelligent trainer uses at least 30 minutes or more in evaluations of team pitches.

Having a good variation of the shots from time to time will make each student draw new goals. Recommend to your students that their training be done based on weaknesses so that they practice at home. Achieving a better position at this stage is what will make you make a difference with trained students.

The pitch includes the job of overcoming the defense until you have a good position for the pitches. Launch training can be done both individually and in groups by looking at positions where students must react assertively. Everything implies that the student makes his movements properly until they introduce the ball into the placed basket.

Being a good coach, you do not need to strive to have a professional court; you can mark the improvised parameters. Be careful that students understand that although the launch is fun is not the only important thing. Although the students learn to throw the ball very well, if they reinforce the defenses of the ball, the practice will be irrelevant.

Practice group strategies where the player must find a comfortable position for the throws of the ball without having failures. This allows students to be more motivated on how to achieve their defense to reach point scores. The greater the distance a good shot is achieved, the better your throws will be when you are in a ranking game.

  1. Pass

Players usually do these exercises in prior training before entering into practice. This can take about 15 minutes where, in groups or pairs, students try to pass the ball correctly. This is a training that will be fun so that there is a connection between the members who carry the ball without problems.

All this previous training is based on the ball advancing on the court and no goals are lost. Any child or teenager who is interested in this sport can ask about the goal, and he will say winning words. Then try to rely on the student’s spirit and how he can make passes to the classmate.

By getting the student motivated to pass the ball to their classmates, you can achieve better internship results. As you practice the previous workouts with better didactic forms, the results you will get on the court will be. Keep in mind that your students must understand that the pass is a movement that is fast and precise.

Having a bad ball pass means that your team will lose control of the ball and with this, the advantages. When you have a better command of the ball, it is easier to achieve the objectives of the game. Losing the ball within a pass means that the opponent has the opportunity to score points for them.

Then perform the preheating based on simply that the passes are accurate, fast, and have a prudent speed. These recreational tactics are based on the student having mastery of their rapid movements. The passes are made by locating the waist area and the shoulders of the receiver combining the tactics already mentioned.

  1. Dribbling

This is an offensive foundation that is very important in a practical basketball game. However, these tactics are used during preheating to make them easier to understand in practice. This is part of the Fun Basketball Drills that you can implement to improve skills.

When the previous practice of this movement is executed, the students learn to move without faults. In this training, they are done for at least 10 or 15 minutes to practice the offensives of the teams. This may have an additional classification that is shown based on the tactics with which they carry out.

For example, in speed dribbling, the student must have the ability to remove the ball at a good time. That is, the ball is pushed forward; therefore, it has an opening that benefits well. The player must take several steps between the balls and boats of the ball until the domination of the ball is achieved.

In other aspects, protection dribbling has to do with the offensive and regulatory way to prevent progress. In this period, the player protects his side of the court, preventing the player from scoring unnecessary points. The better the ball is protected, the easier it is to know how not to let them advance you.

Each of the previous dribbling steps goes hand in hand with the passage of both hands of the game. This step is only taken once and tries to win pivots by gaining the defender’s position by making a quick ability. Undoubtedly, dribbling should be practiced during previous workouts until everything is handled in its entirety.

  1. Recreational Practices Of Hand Changes With The Ball

Those who have mastery of the ball learn to know how to control it without losing it. In basketball, the ball bounces again and again and in that process, you can lose the ball. All hand movements correspond to changing direction using them to continue moving forward.

 There are many ways to make the adversary that attacks me be traversed, and one is rapid change. Changing hands is not always the best, so you should know when is the exact time to do it. Although it is practiced in warm-up training, students should be taught recreationally how to do it without making mistakes.

Basketball is a tactical game and can be taught in a fun way if movements are taken. Having a student make a forced hand change only leads to it being completely blocked. Ideally, there have been previous exercises where the student makes this change as naturally as possible.

The student can also be asked to imagine situations where he needs to change hands by countering a defender. This is done as a way to take advantage of an attack motive to change the pace and position. In this way, it is very easy to achieve that you can have a mastery of the ball and get rid of the opponent.

Each of the games or movements that have been described as small to make the student have more interest, make your movements worthwhile by teaching a way to make the hand change effectively without forcing. The student alone will receive the message to make this move without looking like a cake to do very well.

  1. Foot Movement

It is perhaps one of the movements that will give students the greatest motivation to be better players. This movement is planned with quick exercises that allow you to have a mastery of foot movements. Controlling how your students move assertively can lead them to have a greater ability of the movements made.

Students will always be inclined more by one foot than the other but will move both. This implies that as you exercise on this practice in warm-ups, the better the individual performance. Each of the steps has to do with exercises that teach you to move your hips and feet.

Having a good movement makes it easier to pass a player towards any of the directions considered. Whether left or right, students show improvement on the court after beginning to master their movements. Students should not be mistaken to learn to master their movements in their hands but also their feet.

There can be many Fun Basketball Drills that you can develop using movements every foot you move. Imagine that your students can know exactly which feet to move forward when the defense is high. Trying to ensure that students have comprehensive knowledge greatly improves the games on the court and the strategies they use.

You can put obstacles in the space you use to train and your students decide how to pass them without tripping. In this way, in addition to being recreational, you will be learning to control the movements of your feet while carrying the ball. Otherwise, even if they defend, they will need to have good movements so that you can perform better on the court.

What Drills Can Be Used To Reinforce Knowledge Of The Court?

Many drills aim to improve students on the court when they play. Of course, each coach has their tactics but can use them to improve. If you are one of the cases that you want your students to improve notably, you can consider some drills:

  • Do exercises that have to do with drips so that students learn the functions of this important movement. At least twenty drills that you can use for each training done can be obtained online or practical guides.
  • Footwork exercises have to do more than anything with obstacles that allow these movements to be used. There are a series of movements where you can use as obstacles to other individually trained students the possible weaknesses.
  • Another important exercise is finishing improving each of the conditions separately, that a student understands practical games or drills on how to make their finishes so that they are positive and fast.
  • In another aspect, students can be motivated with decision-making situations to learn how they react. When you put your students in borderline situations, they can learn to make better decisions within real practices.
  • The simulations that you can create in a combined way so that they can have random skill movements. Plan the different stations of a game separately and do rotations to practice all the possible movements they use.
  • All drills allow you to make practice games before the court more recreational and more real. This will allow your students to perform better on the court to address difficult situations.

Recommendations For Continuous Improvement

Although students who train form a team, you must always evaluate them separately — having a vision of the student’s home failure can improve markedly, such as using exercises that reinforce each one. In another Angle, you should also evaluate your behavior together to create a coordination that can improve training.

Psychologically it is easier to improve a failure if it is believed to be being done as a means of fun and no obligation. From this point of view, some videos can help you improve the knowledge you already had of the student. The most successful players in this sport presented many failures that were overcome with dedication and taking recreational practices.

Generally, when a person triumphs in this sport, the first thing they appreciate is a coach’s effort to help. Beyond showing an effort frustrated by movements that are not done well, they should look for ways to improve them recreationally. Try to start each practice with an animated talk based on a basketball star that has triumphed.



Keeping fun games has improved the conditions of the courts of many youth basketball teams of wise coaches. Not the whole basketball training process must be segmented in the strict rules of this particular sport. Combining hands and feet is the best way to obtain skills when moving within a field.

As a coach, you should try to make your programs flexible to adapt to all players regardless of their failures. Whenever you plan a warm-up before the court, try to place the workouts separately for these previous warm-ups. You can find many jobs on the internet that have been done as a purpose to entertain students while being taught.

You can show the student that they can have fun while developing the necessary movements to be great elite players. Do Fun Basketball Drills for your students.

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