Free Basketball Training – 2014 IBCA Clinic Notes

free basketball training

Here are the Free Basketball Training – 2014 IBCA Clinic Notes.

You will see a lot of basketball coaching in these notes. There are a ton of very successful coaches in these basketball coaching clinic notes. Here are just a couple:

  • Mike Neighbors – Things that you do a lot in practice
  • Tim Miles – Nebraska Zone Attack
  • Tad Boyle – Transition Offense
  • Kevin Eastman – Taking your career, your team to another level of success
  • Fred Hoiberg – Iowa State University Guard Drills
  • And many more coaches with great information

Tim Miles is one of the basketball coaches in the Free Basketball Training – 2014 IBCA Clinic Notes. Coach Miles just led the Nebraska Cornhuskers into Bloomington and ended the Hoosiers 26 game home winning streak. His team staged a HUGE comeback win in the victory over 13 win Maryland Terripans in college park. His team has bought into their game plan and are starting to play well right now.

Tad Boyle has his Colorado Buffaloes playing really well right now The Buffaloes are 10-4 right now as they head into the Pac-12 conference play. Coach Boyle has brought Colorado Basketball back into the national spotlight.

Kevin Eastman is one of the brightest basketball minds in all of the basketball game. Coach Eastman is a former clippers assistant coach under Doc Rivers. He served under him for eight years in Boston and L.A. Coach Eastman was the Clippers Vice President of Basketball Operations and has been involved in college and professional basketball for a combined 31 years.

I know that Fred Hoiberg is catching a lot of flak for being the Head Coach of the Chicago Bulls. I think that he wasn’t done a lot of favors this summer. He was given players that don’t fit his offensive system. In Coach Hoiberg’s system, you can’t make a mistake. He loves to have spacing and believes in a four out guard system.

Click on the pdf link to download the Free Basketball Training – 2014 IBCA Clinic Notes:

Free Basketball Training – 2014 IBCA Clinic Notes

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