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Helps players get a feel for their shot and ingrains proper shooting mechanics.


Player with basketball.


1.Player does three slams – slamming the basketball into the palm of the other hand to wake his hands up.

2.Player takes 3 form shots – shooting the ball up into the air (not at the basket) with proper form and balance

3.Player takes Circle Shots – shooting the ball off the glass as he moves in a semi-circle around the basket at a distance of about six feet away from the rim. He goes around the basket and then shoots his way back to where he started.

4.Player shoots Pass Pickups – he spins himself a pass and shoots from the corner wing and top – both sides of the court.

5.Player next does Dribble Pickups – again he shoots corner, wing, top and works both sides of the court.

Coaching Tips:

  • In the form shots, player should take his guide hand off the ball and should be striving for perfect rotation on the shot attempt.
  • Players should hold a high, one-second follow-through. Players should also hop off the foot closest to the basket.

Key with dribble pickups is to pick the ball up with the off, non-dribbling hand.

Next Step

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