Ettore Messina Coaching U Live 2015 Clinic Notes & Diagrams by Tedi Yaghoubian

Written by Tedi Yaghoubian

Tedi Yaghoubian is a head basketball coach at Northern Suburbs Basketball Association in Sydney Australia – currently coaching Men’s Under 18 representative squad. Last year the Norths Bears won the metropolitan championship and were runners-up at the NSW State Shied Tournament. Coach Yaghoubian’s playing experience includes representative basketball for Norths Bears State League Division 1 team as well as many years of playing at club level.

September 2, 2015

Ettore Messina Coaching U Live 2015 Clinic Notes & Diagrams by Tedi Yaghoubian

The Ettore Messina Coaching U Live Notes will describe one of the world’s greatest coach that we have known so little about. Coach Ettore Messina is an Italian professional coach and is currently the assistant coach of the San Antonio Spurs. He is considered a living legend in Europe as he has won multitude of awards and championship titles as a head coach in Europe.

Coach Ettore Messina has won four Euroleague championships, 4 Italian league championships, 7 times Italian cup championships, 5 Russian league championships and 2 times Russian cup championship. In addition, Coach Messina has been named Euroleague coach of the year twice and Italian league’s coach of the year three times. Furthermore, he was inducted into the Italian Basketball Hall of Fame in 2008 and was named one of the 50 greatest Euroleague Contributors. Coach Messina was also the head coach of the Italian senior men’s national basketball team from 1993-1997 in which he led Italy to the silver medal at the EuroBasket 1997.

Coach Ettore Messina in the past had been frequently the subject of speculation linking him with vacant coaching jobs in the NBA. His first role in the NBA was as a consultant to head coach Mike Brown’s coaching staff on the Los Angeles Lakers. After returning to Moscow for a year, he returned to the NBA and was hired by San Antonio Spurs to be their assistant coach. Given the Spurs’ distinction of being the most internationally diverse team in the NBA, the transition for coach Messina has been a smooth process. The Spurs have implemented many of the European concepts mentioned here by Ettore Messina into their style of play, taking advantage of the rule changes in the NBA and countering against the impact of an aging roster with several players (Duncan, Ginobili, and Parker) now past their prime.

The concepts described here focus primarily on spacing and ball movement – the 2 pillars of the Spurs offense which they have mastered over the last decade. Incorporating pick and rolls into the offense has seen Tim Duncan become more of a pick and pop kind of big than he had ever been during his peak where he dominated playing with his back to the basket. The Spurs have still managed to control the game by playing inside-out, but they’ve done so with the dribble penetration game of Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili rather than traditional post-ups. As such, these penetrations have led to a barrage of 3-point shots and open layups for the Spurs and combined with the unselfish nature of their personnel, this has consistently allowed them to be amongst the best in the league year after year in overall offensive efficiency.

Ettore Messina Coaching U Live

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In this set of Ettore Messina Coaching U Live clinic notes you’ll find Coach Messina’s tips on how to take advantage of defences hedging and/or switching on side pick and rolls. You will also see European concepts on post feeds and how they spread their shooters on the perimeter as well as some simple but effective cutting action off the post that can be incorporated at any level. I hope you enjoy these notes and can take something away for your team and program

Click on the pdf link below to download the Ettore Messina Coaching U Live 2015 Clinic Notes:

Ettore Messina Coaching U Live 2015 Clinic Notes

Click on the pdf link below to download the Ettore Messina Coaching U Live 2015 Clinic Diagrams:

Ettore Messina Coaching U Live 2015 Clinic Diagrams

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