Encyclopedia of Basketball Offenses

Basketball Offenses Encyclopedia – What it contains

The Encyclopedia of Basketball Offenses is the most complete resource of basketball offenses online. And it is NOW available only in Men’s Basketball Hoopscoop. This is a complete collection of the best offenses implemented by the best professionals. Inside you can find all the plays and drills the best basketball coaches use to teach their players their offenses.

You can also find a complete set of basketball coaching clinic notes with elements of their basketball philsophy and the principles that dominate the best basketball programs all over the world. Famous coaches, like John Calipari, Bo Ryan, Bill Self, Ettore Messina and many, can be found in the Encyclopedia of Basketball Offenses.  And all in alphabetical order. This way you can find easily the program and the coach you are looking for!

Encyclopedia of Offenses

encyclopedia basketball offensesBut that’s not all… NBA, NCAA and International teams Practices. In there you can get an impression of the X’s and O’s of every offense and every basketball program. Attending a team’s practice can be a great source of information that you can immediately use to improve your team’s everyday practice. Would attending the Utah Jazz practice help you reflect on your own team’s practice? Would it help you improve the structure of your program? You bet it would… and that’s why we have included in the notes from the Jazz practice.

Another thing that would help you greatly is knowing the offenses that are considered to be the most successful. What if you want to know more about the Dribble Drive Motion? What if you are looking for the Flex? These are all included in the Encyclopedia of Basketball Offenses.

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Last but not least, I’ve included notes from the best basketball coaching clinics ever conducted all over the world. Clinics where the most successful basketball coaches present their offensive plays and drills. Clinics that otherwise would cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to attend..

Encyclopedia of Basketball Offenses – A tool to improve your coaching

I’ve written in the past that you need to have your own Personal Playbook. There you should record your favorite plays and drills that you will use to improve your players’ performance. You can use this as a good tool to reflect on your own routines, in order to improve your overall performance. That’s where the Encyclopedia of Basketball Offenses should come. A good knowledge of the game can really help you interrogate your own routines, and how to improve both yourself and your team. This is the small secret that distinguishes the best professionals from the rest of the coaches.

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And you should know that this is cultivated through adding more knowledge to your routines. This way you will be ready the next time that your opponent will use a Set Play implemented by Tom Izzo. Or a Transition that Bo Ryan has used with his team.

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