Dwayne Casey NBA Toronto Raptors Match-Up Zone | Basketball Defense

Dwayne Casey NBA Toronto Raptors Match-Up Zone | Basketball Defense

Dwayne Casey – 2-3 Matchup Zone Defense | Basketball Defense
– The Spurs changed the game by winning with ball movement and player movement. If you have the ball for more than 2 seconds you’re wrong.
– You don’t get chemistry unless you have trust. Don’t take it for granted. Same players can come back and the trust can be gone.
– Rules: Be on time. Makes players tuck shirts in. Shoes tied during film, ready to play. A little bit of discipline goes a long way.
– Set franchise record for wins because of buy-in.
– The number one thing is defense. You must be able to get stops.

Basketball Defense | 2-3 Match-Up Zone Tips

– Protect the paint!!
– Everybody’s starting place in the zone is called their “room.”
– No straight line drives to the basket. Must make them go east-west. Heels on the three point line.
– Must have trust in the zone. Don’t doubt the zone if they make a couple shots. If you are having trouble getting stops, change the rhythm. Use it ATO and in situations.
– In transition make sure you can point to your match. When the ball is on the wing in the zone, it cannot go baseline.
– Sprint to the nail. Sprint to the gap for the top guard when it goes to the wing.
– On the baseline runner they “bump down.” Weakside player “escorts to the rim” and then top guard bumps the wing down. Wing looks to short corner first before filling out to corner. Guy must guard the ball until he gets pushed off.
– On any skip pass you go back to your room.
– As soon as the offensive player puts a second hand on the ball, both hands go up.
– When the corner is filled, they ice the wing ball screen.
– When in doubt, talk it out. Always try to work your way back to your room.
– “Mine” on closeouts.
– Keep the catches outside the paint.
– Always want to match up your 5 with their 5.
– Goal of the zone is a contested shot outside the paint.
– Compete in every drill. Keep score. Put time up.
– They do 4 on 3 closeout drill. “Mine” closeouts and then 2 guarding 3.
– Use a red jersey to signify either a hot shooter or a non-shooter.
– Dallas zone was most effective when they used it when they were behind. Players had to believe in it and ask for it.
– Center has to be smart. Has to be the radar. Toronto hasn’t used it as much because their center isn’t smart.
– Goal for the game is 7 3-stops in a row. Multiple stops is key.

Basketball Defense Tips
– This year they will chart deflections.
– Kyle Lowry plays off because he’s not as quick as other guys. Would rather protect the paint.
– 7 Fundamentals of Basketball  | Basketball Defense
– Get your team in a stance – balance and power can move.
– Get them to see and anticipate the next play. On offense or defense.
– Flesh to flesh contact. Find a bunch of players that like contact. Hit first.
– Talking – point to your match and call it out, especially in transition.
– Attention to detail. Get to where you’re supposed to be. Right angles on screens. Space the floor correctly. “Spacing is offense. Offense is spacing.”
– Have an act. Pump fake, pass fakes, slipping screens. Must use deception!
– FINISH. Finish the the play. Finish the basket. Finish the cut. Finish the drill.

If you listen to your players, you will learn a lot.


Click on the pdf link to download the basketball defense notes:

Dwayne Casey NBA Toronto Raptors Match-Up Zone | Basketball Defense

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