Dvd Review of the week – Chris Lowery – Competitive Transition Defense Drills

I must say that it was a really great dvd. I was so disappointed with the first one, but his seconde dvd has tons of great stuff on transition defense. He said some philosophy stuff, but mainly drills. I would use those drills in a second. I was totally impressed with their “Jam” technique and all their disadvantage drills that gets kids to not give up.

I would rate this dvd a 4.5 out of 5. It isn’t a 5 out of 5, because it doesn’t have a ton of philosophy stuff at the first or during the drills, but you can figure it out. If it did then I would say that it is a 5 for 5 for sure.

I have heard that championship productions will be putting out his Nike clinic in august so that is something to look forward too.

Coach P

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