Drew Hanlen Toughness Drills

Written by Tedi Yaghoubian

Tedi Yaghoubian is a head basketball coach at Northern Suburbs Basketball Association in Sydney Australia – currently coaching Men’s Under 18 representative squad. Last year the Norths Bears won the metropolitan championship and were runners-up at the NSW State Shied Tournament. Coach Yaghoubian’s playing experience includes representative basketball for Norths Bears State League Division 1 team as well as many years of playing at club level.

October 11, 2015

Drew Hanlen Toughness Drills by Tedi Yaghoubian

Drew Hanlen is the CEO of Pure Sweat and an NBA Strategic Skills Coach & Consultant that has helped over 25 NBA and NBA pre-draft players including David Lee (Warriors) and Bradley Beal (Wizards).

During the season, Drew provides his clients with pre-game scouting and coverage reports to ensure that his clients are fully prepared to play and then post-game film analysis reports so that his clients continue to improve throughout the season.

After the conclusion of the season, Drew strategically designs customized improvement plans for each of his clients through detailed film and advanced analytic evaluations, then uses unconventional, yet purposeful, training methods that takes players through extreme, game-paced workouts that simulate what they will see in games. He has been featured in Sports Illustrated, ESPN Magazine, STACK Magazine, Dime Magazine, Men’s Health, NBA.com and ESPN.com.

Drew Hanlen has put together numerous drill books that have been used by many high school, college and professional teams. Below you will find a min drill book with four team toughness drills from Drew Hanlen designed to improve defensive and offensive skills in particularly in areas of ball toughness and rebounding.

Drew Hanlen Toughness Drills

Drew Hanlen Toughness Drills: 1 vs 2 Attack
The first drill is a multi-purpose and efficient drill. From an offensive standpoint this drill works on handling ball pressure for guards against pressing and trapping teams. This drill also works on defense – for teams that like to run and jump – this is a very effective drill that gets players competing and playing hard. Being able to split the court and run the drill in two halves adds to the effectiveness of the drill.

Drew Hanlen Toughness Drills: 12 Second Drill
The second drill ’12 second’ drill is designed for improving ball toughness for offensive players. This can be implemented in your team’s practice plan as a 2-3 minute daily drill to consistently emphasise strong ball handling habits. If your team struggles with turnovers this tough drill is bound to improve your team’s performance in this category.

Drew Hanlen Toughness Drills: 1 v 2 Rebounding
This is a very competitive drill designed to teach box-out habits for rebounding as well as adding an element of physicality and toughness to your team. All three teams are competing against each other in this drill. Team with the highest score at the end of the timed period wins the drill. Since there’s only one offensive player at a time, this drill puts a lot of pressure on the defense to box-out and keep the offensive player from touching the basketball. It has also been used by many NBA teams in their pre-season training program.

Drew Hanlen Toughness Drills: No Paint Drill
This is a very tough and competitive defensive drill. The entire focus of this drill is keeping the ball out of the paint as much as possible. This is a timed drill depending on your team can go for anywhere between 30 seconds – 0ne minute. This short and intense drill will challenge your players and get them competing throughout.

I hope you find this drill book useful for your team and your program this season.

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Click on the pdf link to download the Drew Hanlen Toughness Drills:

Drew Hanlen Toughness Drills

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