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Developing Your Winning Culture Summary

Developing Your Winning Culture

The January 2015 edition of the Texas High School Coaches Association magazine had an absolute gem regarding developing a winning culture in your program.

Coach Angela Beck wrote a two page spread on her philosophy on how to create and sustain a success program. I think it is very important to know what your vision and philosophy is, and it is equally important to be able to clearly communicate that when called upon.

Creating A Winning Attitude And Culture

You must be able to produce a ‘winning attitude’ – a culture of winning that will continue to bread success. This attitude is how your team acts, plays, and lives. It is a lifestyle that everybody in your program must buy-into and live by. This culture and attitude is how you treat the people around you. You must strive to treat everyone and everything with respect and you must try to leave each situation a better place than how you found it.

How To Inspire Your Team To Compete

She had a good quote in response to how she inspires her team to compete. She wrote:

“I tell them that I don’t inspire my teams to compete. I inspire myself each and every day. If I am motivated then my team feels my excitement and intensity and they mirror that in the way they play. If you look at most successful programs at any level, they take on the characteristics of their coaches.”

She encourages all coaches to be themselves, and to be their best self. She also says its important to motivate yourself every day to be the best you.

Motivating Your Players

When motivating your players, it is also important to figure out what makes them tick. Who does the player want to make proud and what is it that they have to prove. Figure out why they play basketball, then your coaching and teaching will provide more meaning for them.

Their self-esteem and character are two of the most important foundations that you have to build upon. We must find ways to build them both through teaching them the skills and helping them improve on the court, while also teaching them skills that will help them be successful in life.

Helping Them Get To The Next Level

Ask your kids what they want out of basketball and life. Ask them where they see themselves in 4-5 years. Then start talking to them and helping them live a lifestyle that will help them get there. Talk to them about the habits that they need to play at the next level or to become what it is that they want to be.

Your Philosophy

She then describes her philosophy, which I thought was really good.

– “Academic excellence is a must. We want them to have 80% as a minimum and require them to meet with their teachers and coaches if they go below that standard.”

– “Discipline is the foundation of squad morale and team unity. Discipline is being on time, not taking short cuts, and doing what you are supposed to do when you are supposed to do it.

– “Practice will include: warm-ups, fundamentals, team offense and defense, game preparation, competition, and fun.”

– “An aggressive physical conditioning program is the foundation for strong mental and physical discipline.”

– “The starting point is a ‘sound defense,’ where the players learn to make great sacrifices both on and off the court to meet the challenge. Multiple defense are very hard to prepare for, thus puts pressure on our opponents. We will never be predictable. We want to stress you out trying to guess what we will run.”

– “Fast breaking is exciting and good for the fans and the players. Our team will be highly organized in this effort, and we will also have several quick hit options in our fast break.”

– “Leaders are not just born, they are built. It is our job to develop each leader. We set aside weekly time with our leaders to talk to them about the team.”

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Coach Reggie Bibb is a former college basketball player who has coached at the college, high school, junior high school and AAU levels. He started out as an assistant coach at Seminole State College where he helped head coach Tom Mills earn two conference top two finishes in three years. In two out of his three seasons in Seminole, the Seminole State Trojans won at least 20 games, including one regular season conference championship and another trip to the conference tournament championship game.

Reggie has since coached at the junior high and high school levels, and even spent a year as an assistant principal.

His strengths are in player development, building team culture and chemistry, and building offensive and defensive systems that accentuate his players’ abilities and that help his players utilize what they do best to allow them to have individual and contribute to team success. He also is a great communicator and great at building relationships with his players, parents, and administration.

Reggie currently lives in Lavon, TX, just outside of Dallas, with his wife, Alyssa, and his three daughters: Alexa, London-Mila, and Zoe.

“I hope that I can bring you all content that can help you build your own personal philosophy as a person and as a coach, content that will help you reach and grow your players, and content that will help you put your team in position to be successful through effective strategies, systems, and quick hitters.”

Twitter: @Rhbibb
Instagram: Bibbr
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Click on the pdf link to download the Developing Your Winning Culture Summary:

Developing Your Winning Culture Summary

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