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Developing Footwork by Don Meyer & Jerry Krause | Summary Part 3

Developing Footwork by Don Meyer & Jerry Krause | Summary Part 3

The first two parts of the Footwork notes dealt with the actions that players take and movements that they’ll see throughout a game. Not only are these types of movements important to teach for the success on the court they are almost more important for the prevention of injuries. The muscular system must be trained for the various movements that it’s about to encounter otherwise it will cause stress and possibly injuries.

The following are some of the drills that Coach Don Meyer and Jerry Krause have used over the years to develop good sound fundamentals in footwork and teach players how to play within their abilities.
Coach Krause likes to use a full court drill that incorporates all of the above movements that have been taught to get players to develop good movement/fundamental skills that they’ll see in a game. Sprint, slide, backpedal, closedown, sprint to recover and ends with a close down on the shooter. This can be created to fit what you want to see.

Don Meyer likes to use the following as part of a warm up to build the power, speed, and strength necessary for all aspects of the game. Slow high knee, Fast high knee, butt kicks, Skips for height, bounding (to increase stride length), sprint, and reverse running (very few teach reverse running but must be taught for performance in game situations.

Repetitive jumps: This is a rebounding technique that uses a plyometric type of training to teach the muscles to contract and extend very quickly. He taught the drill with repetitive jumps, I would recommend using a basketball off of the backboard to add some ball control to the drill.

Toss back: Pass the ball into the toss back, catch with a jump stop, back pivot and make a bounce pass to the next player in line. Can add things like front pivot, ball fake, rip high/low, and one dribble before the pass is returned.

We have a new basketball coaching contributor in Mark Chapman He is doing an excellent job in providing basketball coaching clinic notes, basketball drills, and basketball plays. He is the Head Boy’s Basketball Coach at Hamilton Township High School in Columbus, Ohio. I think that you will enjoy the Developing Footwork notes by Don Meyer & Jerry Krause that Coach Chapman gave us.

Don Meyer

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Developing Footwork by Don Meyer & Jerry Krause | Summary Part 3

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