Dave Severns Pistol Offense / Hurry Up Offense Dvd Testimonials

Dave Severns Pistol Offense / Hurry Up Offense Dvd Testimonials


Mike Procopio, Director of Player Development, Dallas Mavericks, “Dave is one of the best in the world at teaching at any level. His ability to simplify the game for players to buy in is second to none. I strongly urge any coach to purchase anything that Dave has on the market”.

jack fertig

Jack Fertig, 30 years as a Division 1 assistant coach, including USC, Tennessee and Washington State. “What separates Dave Severns’ videos from others is the “current” aspect of them. What he talks about is how the game is being played NOW. No “coach speak”- all practical drills and thoughts to get your team to maximize its ability. There’s never been a greater student of the game than Dave and now he shares the 35+ years of observations, experience and knowledge with today’s coaches. A must for today’s coach.

Vinnie Del Negro


Vinny Del Negro, Former Head Coach, Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Clippers, “Dave was a member of my staff for 5 years. He is a great teacher of the game and really breaks down the Pick/Roll game and Pistol offense. His ability to relate to players and get his teaching points across is excellent. I highly recommend  both of these teaching DVD’s”.

Dave Severns LA Clippers Pistol / Hurry Up Offense

Dave Severns LA Clippers

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Here is your chance to learn the legendary Pistol Offense as popularized by Coach Mike D’Antoni and now used by the majority of NBA teams. Los Angeles Clippers Assistant Coach Dave Severns teaches and explains with on-court demonstrations how the offense uses with flow and pace get quality shots early on. The great spacing allows for drives to the basket and the pick and roll actions provide interior scoring options as well as great 3 point opportunities. This is an offense that can be utilized at every level of the game!

Check out this trailer on the Dave Severns LA Clippers Pistol / Hurry Up Offense:


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