Dana Altman Oregon Ducks Zone Offense

Dana Altman

Dana Altman Oregon Ducks Zone Offense by Wes Kosel

Here is a zone offense with video showing how Dana Altman likes to attack zone defenses. The Ducks had a fantastic season this year making it to the Elite 8 and winning 31 games. Altman has been the Head Coach in Eugene, Oregon since 2010 and has won 154 games with the Ducks and 564 games overall in his coaching career. As a Head Coach, Altman has had stops at Marshall, Kansas State, and Creighton. He has been named Coach of the Year in four different conferences (SoCon, Big Eight, MVC, and Pac-12). He also won the Jim Phelan Award in 2013. In his 27 year head coaching career, he has made  the NCAA Tournament 12 times including four years in a row at Oregon. The Ducks have finished in the top 3 of the Pac 10/Pac 12 since 2011-2012.

Oregon Ducks Zone Offense

Zone Spread

Oregon likes to go to a spread formation against zone defenses and flashes players into and out of the lane. Even the bigs for Oregon can put the ball on the floor and shoot, so Altman lets these players step out to the perimeter to pull the zone defense out. The video also shows some great ball movement by the Ducks to keep the defense moving. Against Duke, Oregon flashes in a wing from the right side of the floor and looks to penetrate after passing the ball around the perimeter. The Ducks are very patient when attacking the zone and read the passing lanes very well. Oregon beat Duke’s zone defense by sticking to the game plan and remaining patient with their offense. Although it is a spread formation, Altman beats the zone with passes into the middle or penetration into the middle of the zone.

Dana Altman Dana Altman

Click on the pdf link below to download the Oregon Ducks Zone Offense:

Oregon Ducks Zone Offense

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