coaching youth basketball

Tips for coaching youth basketball

It is also important to feature one key idea at each practice session because in this way kids are more likely to hold what they have learned. Different subjects are covered, yet to a lesser extent. In the case of season, it is important to follow a proper order to teach other key parts of the game, such as offensive moves, breaking a press, bouncing back, ball handling, and so forth. So, one practice may have an emphasis on the offensive moves, and then the previous training subjects like team defense may be strengthened by means of activities and drills. Adjusting the requirement for repetition to learn with the kids’ desires for it not to be exhausting is the place where the art of great coaching comes into play.

Position-less Basketball

Coaching youth basketball involves being mindful of the fact that most players will hit a growth spurt soon and their heights will vary with time. Do not get stuck on their present height and teach every skill to each player equally. We call this playing position-less basketball. Teach the short kids to play on the block and teach the tall kids to bring the ball up the floor. Every skill is going to be important in the future so allow all the players to experience and build necessary skills.



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