coaching youth basketball

Tips for coaching youth basketball

Switch defenses opportunistically

Moving forward, a team that switches defense all through the game makes it hard on the opponent team. Therefore, the mentor ought to consistently be searching for the correct opportunities to make a change in the defense. At the point when the opposing team’s best ball handler is taking a break may be an ideal opportunity to apply the full-court press. So, when the full-court press has worked a couple of times and the opponent’s coach calls a break to address it; this may be an ideal time to fall back in some other defense, and afterward return to the full-court press later in the game. Confronting an athletic team with high speed? You can consider forcing them to the drive-through a half-court zone defense or go for long outside shots.

Plan each practice

The greatest difference between normal coaches and extraordinary coaches is that extraordinary coaches come prepared with all-around considered practice plans. It is clear that you cannot cover everything in a single practice, so you have to put the priority order to the key subjects you will be instructing at training. The best approach is to generally start with the individual defense and team defense with the reasoning that on the off chance that we can delay the scoring of the opponent team. 



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