coaching youth basketball

Tips for coaching youth basketball

The 3C’s of coaching

Be confident of your game plan if you want real results. When you are sure, the players will also be convinced easily. Playing a sport all year round leads to exhaustion. The muscles get tired over time and there is a high chance of sports-related injuries. Be consistent but set realistic goals and give your players room for error. In order to increase performance levels, you need to show your players that you care about them. Be mindful of their nutrition requirements and energy levels. They are still growing and their bodies need more support than adult players. Communicate openly and honestly to develop a long-lasting relationship. Listen more and talk less. More importantly, do not shout every time to get a point across. Be positive, be present and be yourself at all times.

Man to man defense

Teach the young players how to play man to man. They can easily learn to play in the zone if they know man-to-man defense from the start. You have a great opportunity to teach the players how to cover their men. They need to learn to ‘get ready to help’ when their man does not have the ball.

Man to man defense

Man-to-man defense teaches valuable team concepts from the very beginning. Defending one area is not as important as defending the other team. So teach man-to-man defense techniques early on.



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