coaching youth basketball

Tips for coaching youth basketball

Keep the fun in the game

Kids approach every game for enjoyment. Try to keep it that way. The kids must be having fun while learning the ins and outs of basketball. Do not make it so tough for them that they forget why they fell in love with basketball in the first place. Keep the game light and fun. This is not the age to make basketball too serious for them. Keep a light, fun mood on the court most of the time when a serious tone is not needed.

Do your level best to become a friend of the kids. You need to coach like you like doing it. Interact with them on their level. Let some things go and give them room for error. They are still kids and they are very much inspired by star players. Get their input on how to make the game enjoyable along the way. You won’t know what the kids want if you do not ask them. Never assume on your own. Develop an honest relationship with each young player. Let each young player start the game once in a while. It is a source of encouragement and also a learning moment for you as their coach.

Refrain from acting like a drill sergeant. Be aware of creating a positive image and making sure that the kids do not have negative emotions attached to the game. Keep in close contact with their parents as well. Sometimes, kids do not share much with their coach because they feel intimidated by their skills and experience. Ask their parents how things are progressing and how the players truly feel about your coaching techniques. If the players are having a good time on the court, that should be enough. 



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