Chapman Basketball – “Trojan” from Coach Krikorian

chapman basketball

Chapman Basketball – “Trojan” from Coach Krikorian

Here is a set play from Chapman assistant coach Dan Krikorian. Krikorian has a brilliant offensive mind, and I will be sharing some of his set plays in the coming weeks. He joined the staff in 2013, and helped lead the Chapman Panthers to a SCIAC Tournament Championship and Division III NCAA Tournament berth. Before that, Krikorian coached at Costa Mesa High School. He played at Chapman under Head Coach Mike Bokosky, graduating in 2007. Last season, Chapman went 20-7 (12-4 in conference play) including an 11-1 record at home. The Panthers shot 41.4% from 3-point range as a team and averaged over 76 points per game. Chapman won the SCIAC Conference Tournament beating Claremont Mudd Scripps and Redlands, but lost to Whitman in the First Round of the Division III NCAA Tournament.

Chapman Panthers – “Trojan – Rider Series”

This play starts in a diamond set with 2 under the basket, 3 at the top of the key, and 4 and 5 at the right and left high post areas. 4 screens down for 2 and 3 rubs around 5 to the right corner. As 1 dribbles left, 2 clears to the right side as 4 sets an up screen for 5 at the right elbow. If 5 isn’t open on the cut, it is often because his man jumped in front or because x4 is helping on the cut. If x4 helps, 4 is open at the high post. Once 4 has the ball, he looks to pass to 5 sealing inside. If 5 isn’t open on the hi/lo look, it is probably because x3 has moved over to help in the lane. If x3 helps, 4 looks to pass to 3 in the corner for a shot. This is simple action, but making reads based on how the defense should guard the play can open up shots for your offense.

Click on the pdf link below to download the Chapman Basketball – Trojan Rider Series Playbook:

Chapman Panthers – “Trojan” by Coach Krikorian

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