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Championship Drills & Plays Playbook

Championship Drills & Plays Playbook


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9 out of 10 boys teams are under producing offensively because of one of two reasons. They are lacking championship drills & plays.

They either have all of the right plays to get players open shots but don’t have players talented enough to hit them.
Many times they just rely on the players’ athleticism to get the team by.

Or they have very talented players but not the right plays to get them the shots that will make the players successful.
Which turns into a lot of 1 on 1 ball.

This usually happens because most coaches are either really good at the x’s and o’s of the game or at player development. It is a rarity to see a coach who is masterful at both.

Which is why this book is such a great resource for any coach that wants to evolve their offensive system into a high powered scoring machine.

The plays in this book have developed numerous teams (since 2007) that have made consistent deep playoff runs.
Including some that have led their district in scoring for consecutive years.

The drills in this book, have developed players that have earned back to back to back All State honors. With some even earning athletic scholarships at the collegiate level.

In this playbook, you will find plays to get players of all positions open with actions simple enough to run at even the middle school level. Even though they are effective enough to run at some of the highest levels…..including the pros.

They have come from over a decade of tuteledge from pro coaches. Including Euro League and NBA influence.

You will learn a lot of championship drills and plays from this power packed playbook.  Add it to your coaching library today!  Great X’s and O’s.

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