Quick Hitters

Get a clear shot in one pass! These quick hitters are sure to free up your offense for an open shot. Below we highlight quick hitter plays from some of the best coaches in the NCAA and NBA such as Steve Kerr, Bill Self, and Billy Kennedy. See all of our basketball coaching resources for quick hitter plays.

“Cowboy” Quick hitter against a zone

“Cowboy” Quick hitter against a zone by Brendan Mann Two years ago, my high school team was fortunate enough to attend the Stu Clark tournament in Las Vegas, New Mexico. My team’s head coach is originally from there and his nephew was playing with New Mexico Highlands...

Michigan State “Shirt” Play Adam Spinella

Michigan State “Shirt” Play Adam Spinella Tom Izzo has been running this Michigan State Chin action this season for both Denzel Valentine and Branden Dawson, two very versatile players for the Spartans. Both are good enough passers and ball handlers that they are...

Quick Hitters vs. Zone: Decay

Quick Hitters vs. Zone: Decay Adam Spinella Here is another type of quick hitters against a zone that is run in a real tight amount of space, but it keys in on the perimeter defenders not wanting to commit to a player on a middle drive and the middle man occupying...

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