Basketball Plays

Basketball plays to skyrocket your team potential. We have a huge number of plays by all the best basketball coaches in the USA and Europe. We offer these plays completely free for your personal playbook. During the last 15 years many coaches from all the places of the world have used these plays to improve their winning record. Think of a coach –any coach you want– conduct a search and you will find tens of basketball plays by him. And we are proud for this!

Simply put, Men’s Basketball Hoopscoop is the best resource of basketball coaching. We are constantly struggling to keep it free. This way we honour the struggle of our young colleague basketball coaches all over the world for improvement. We also honour the game that we all love! We feel like we contribute to its constant development.

During the last 15 yeas this website has been a source of inspiration for thousands of basketball coaches. We’ve seen many of our regular visitors, as well as many of our contributors succeed in the NCAA, European Basketball, even the NBA. You can be the next! Go through the pages that follow, read, read, read… and you’ll find the plays you need to set up your practice for next year.

Now there is no need to subscribe to a basketball coaching clinic to get the latest basketball plays. We are constantly working to get them right in your computer. You can start right away! You don’t need anything else. Click on a Post, go through it, go to the next, and then the next, till you feel ready to set up your team’s preparation for success.