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Mens Basketball Hoopscoop gives you exclusive access to basketball coaching drills from the top coaches and athletes in the country. Get an inside look at scoring drills from Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, and countless other NBA stars.

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Help your team play at a championship caliber on both offense and defense with a Pick and Roll Drill, 3-Point Shooting Drill, and 4 Man Transition Drill. Whatever your team needs to improve on, Mens Basketball Hoopscoop has the drill to help their skills, toughness, and overall approach to the game.

4 vs 4 Deny Penetration

[by] Setup: The rules of this drill are that the first team to 10 wins and a team can only score by stealing the ball, forcing turnovers, and taking charges.  Therefore both teams want to play defensive in order to win.  If an offensive player...

UCLA Shooting

[By] Setup: Each player in the line with number 1 has a basketball. How it works 1.To start the drill the player in line 1 throws the basketball off the backboard and jumps as high as he can and rebounds it. 2.The player chins the basketball and...

60 Threes Shooting Drill

[By] Setup On each end of the court, place six players and three basketballs. Three players will be on the inside as rebounders (Group A) and three players will be along three-point line (Group B) in the right corner, left corner and the top of...

Princeton Shooting Drill

[By] Setup: Players line up at foul line extended – Drill can use two balls, but you will quickly move to four balls to keep it moving.  A chair is placed at foul line to act as screener. How it Works 1.#1 cuts hard to the ball, “curls” to the...
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