DVD Review: Bruce Weber, Building a Basketball Defensive Mindset

basketball defensive mindset

Basketball Coaching DVD Review: Bruce Weber, Open Practice: Building a Basketball Defensive Mindset

Duration: 70 minutes + Bonus material.
Year: 2017.

Develop your team defense right away!

* See varieties of the shell drill that show defensive actions, aid side, and ball screen defense, and rebounding
* Show your defenders how to stop their opponents’ dribbling to assist on drives without losing free shots
* Teach your players how to prevent screen-the-screener actions

Check the “Build a Basketball Defensive Mindset” DVD

At the start of each season, youth teams coaches look for ways to introduce their defenses from Game 1. They are obliged to choose the defensive strategies they will implement and –moreover– find ways to install them right away!

Coach Weber illustrates how he addresses this hurdle with shell drills that help utilize his man-to-man defense to his team. In our days, one of the primary goals of every defense is to stop dribbling penetration. In coach Weber’s DVD, you will discover rotations and different screens to prevent your opponents from getting to the rim.

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In the first section Bruce Weber shows how to coordinate your defenders’ rotation. By starting from the sell drill coach Weber shows how his players organize their positioning and closeouts. Then he shows how they implement these to get to the ball first, get the rebounds, defend on the sides, rotate, and stop their rivals offensive plans.

He bases all his basketball defensive mindset throughout the year on the shell drill. The shell drill is the foundation of his defensive strategy and this is what we can get from Bruce Weber’s defensive approach. With three vs. three and four vs. four shell drills, coach Weber shows his players how to guard more space. He also shows them how to be in the correct place to help their co-players. Moreover, Bruce Weber utilizes five vs. five shell drills to show his main defensive principles and the different actions that his players will face throughout the season; as well as, the different ways to cope with them. Almost every defensive aspect is covered: he shows how you can stop alley hoops or dribbling on the baseline, how to have your players foresee and prevent the next pass planned by their opponents.

Individual Drills

But that’s not all. Bruce Weber presents the individual drills that can help your players improve their defensive performance. He shows how you can teach your players ways to keep the right position against the ball and the attackers, as well as how to cope with more sophisticated offensive plays –you know, the ones that we all hate! Be sure that in this DVD you will find everything you need to transform your players into real winners.

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Full Court Defensive Drills

We all know that we can’t merely base on individual drills. Full court drills can help us show our players how to utilize what they have learned individually for the team’s success. This DVD contains four vs. four shell drills that can help slow down the offensive player and prevent him from implementing the play he wants. You will have everything you need to teach your players how to track and stop cutters, pin downs, and flare screens.

All these are also shown in real game speed with different drill variations, so that you are sure you have everything you need to introduce them both into your everyday practice and your game plans.

This DVD will help you show your players how to go tough, and give you the drills and teaching points you should focus on to improve your team overall defensive performance. No need for athletic players. Coach Weber’s system is functioning in all kinds of teams, especially youth teams.

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