Brendan Suhr Basketball Notes | Pick and Roll Offense | 2014 Coaching U Live

Brendan Suhr Basketball Notes | Pick and Roll Offense | 2014 Coaching U Live

Three most important things on offense in pick and roll | Brendan Suhr Basketball Notes
1. Who has the ball? – What can the player do? The way you design your offense is by who has the ball.
2. Who is setting the screen?
3. What’s the angle? If you’re only using two angles, you’re limiting yourself. Side, middle, elbow, flat. If you hedge or blitz elbow ball screens you will give up a layup every time.

Adjust your offense to attack the defense

Defense | Brendan Suhr Basketball Notes
Hedge & show
Zone – person guarding the screener hangs back

The key to teaching pick and roll offense is to provide solutions for your players. If a player is getting blitzed, it’s your job to find options for him. You have to build your offense on the coverage of your defense.

If we can set a surprise ball screen in transition, it throws off the defensive coverages. Drag screen in transition is example. Double drag is another example.

Passes must be on time, on target. | Brendan Suhr Basketball Notes

When coming off a ball screen, come off to score. Use two dribbles to create space. Billy Donovan wants two players to guard the ball.

All of offense is predicated on reading the defense.

If defense goes under on screen, move the screen down, or come set a second screen that is low.

If the defense is blitzing or hedging, the ball handler is not getting a shot.

If the defense is switching, then we play the slip game. Shooters slip to the corner. Bigs slip to the rim. Slip early and don’t set the pick.

Set a pick and sprint to the rim. Got rid of rolling technique. Sprint to the rim.

Bruce Pearl is 1-3-1 trapping BLOBs. | Brendan Suhr Basketball Notes

If you are playing against a really special kid, you owe it to your team to make some changes to help them get a stop. You can’t have a philosophy that you are so in love with that you let your team get their ass kicked.

The Carpenter – Jon Gordon – Love, Serve, and Care.

Don’t just do your job. Be a craftsman in your job. Create masterpieces. Be the very best at what you do. Whether you stay one month or ten years, the best work you’ve ever done should happen in the job you’re in right now.

Make your atmosphere very positive.

Click on the pdf link to download the basketball coaching clinic notes:

Brendan Suhr Basketball Notes | Pick and Roll Offense | 2014 Coaching U Live

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