Boston Celtics Coach Brad Stevens is a Genius! by Chris Filios

boston celtics coach brad stevens

Boston Celtics Coach Brad Stevens is a Genius! by Chris Filios

Al Horford has basically one word to describe Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens: genius. “Brad is a genius.” These were the words of Boston Celtics’ All-Star center Al Horford after the Celtics game 3 win over the Philadelphia 76ers in the Eastern Conference Finals of the NBA Playoffs. Horford raved about his basketball coach’s whiteboard x’s and o’s after Stevens drew up after-timeout plays to get layups at critical spots in their win.

Boston Celtics Coach Brad Stevens is known around the league as one of the best basketball tacticians in the game today. He is especially good out of timeouts, and game 3 was no different. When the moment called for something special from the Celtics, Stevens and the Celtics delivered. On two separate occasions with the game on the line, Stevens drew up a couple of beautiful sideline out of bounds for basket, one to tie the game in regulation, and one leading to the game winning basket in overtime.

Click on this link to download the 2 ATO Plays that lead to the win over Philly!

“Brad is a genius man,” Horford told ESPN after the game. “Unbelievable. Sometimes he draws stuff up and I look at it, I’m like…but Marcus (Morris) delivered it, great pass, I missed some shots that I normally make there, but I made that one so it was good.”

Prior to the game-winning play, Boston Celtics Coach Brad Stevens called timeout and drew up the perfect play for the situation. They planned for the switch. They set it up so Horford would have the advantage. Then, Morris delivered the pass and Horford converted the winning lay-up.

Philadelphia controlled most of the game, but turnovers and bad shots ended up haunting them in the end as they gave the Celtics opportunity after opportunity to stay in the game.

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