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Bobby Cremins Lob Play by Wes Kosel

Bobby Cremins Lob Play by Wes Kosel

Here is a Bobby Cremins Lob Play. Coach Bobby Cremins began his career as a head coach at Appalachian State winning 100 games with the Mountaineers. Bobby Cremins then went on to become the head coach at Georgia Tech winning over 300 games and making an impressive Final Four run in 1990. Coach Bobby Cremins coached NBA players such as Mark Price, John Salley, Kenny Anderson, Jon Barry, Travis Best, and Stephon Marbury. He most recently was the head coach at College of Charleston where he coached for 6 years winning over 100 games. In 31 years of coaching, Bobby Cremins won almost 600 games and has a winning record at each of the 3 schools where he was a head coach.

This Bobby Cremins Lob Play was used for Cremins’ most athletic players, and specifically for Stephon Marbury in the mid-1990s. The play usually would set up out of the secondary break with the 2 running to the wing, 4 and 5 running to the low blocks, and 3 setting up for the pass from 1. As 1 dribbles up the floor, 2 moves toward the corner and 5 steps up toward the elbow. Once 1 passes to 3, he sets up his man and makes a hard cut off of the screen from 5 toward the basket. If you have an athletic player in this position then the Bobby Cremins Lob Play could be a lob pass for a dunk. 3 should be looking to lob the ball toward the basket. If the lob is not there, 5 steps up to ball-screen for 3. 3 has four options: 1) drive to the basket or shoot, 2) pass to 4 at the basket, 3) pass to 1 in the corner for a shot, or 4) pass to 5 who popped after the screen.

Wes Kosel is an assistant coach for men’s basketball under Head Coach Tommy Jones at Texas Lutheran University in Seguin, TX. 2013-2014 marks the second year for Kosel at TLU. Prior to arriving at TLU, Kosel served as a student assistant coach under Head Coach Chad Killscrow at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, KS. Kosel has an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science from the University of Kansas, and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Physical Education from the University of Houston. The Bartlesville, OK native is also a NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and teaches weight training and aerobic fitness courses at Texas Lutheran. He has coached AAU programs, volunteered with elementary and middle school basketball teams, and has worked basketball camps for various programs including the Houston Rockets, University of Houston, Texas State, and Texas A&M Corpus Christi.

I hope that you enjoy the Bobby Cremins Lob Play.

Bobby Cremins Lob Play

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Bobby Cremins Lob Play by Wes Kosel

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