How To Run Bo Ryan’s Wisconsin Swing Offense by Scott Peterman

How To Run Bo Ryan’s Wisconsin Swing Offense by Scott Peterman

The Wisconsin Swing Offense is a four out patterned offense with continuity.  All five players are interchangable, and spacing, cutting, and passing are extremely needed.  All five players have opportunities to post inside, and the Bo Ryan Wisconsin Swing Offense will have their players invert their offense and post guards.  The Swing Offense is diliberate, because they have multiple passes and places value highly on each possession with high percentage inside shots, and free throws.  The Wisconsin Swing Offense isn’t a dribble pentetration offense, because it’s a true “team-first offense” that places a high premium on good passing, screening and cutting.  The Bo Ryan Swing Offense has a team that places a HIGH premium on fundamentals.

The Wisconsin Swing Offense blends the best elements of the UCLA offense, Flex Offense and the Triangle Offene.  The Swing Offense isn’t magic, the Wisconsin Badgers limit their turnovers, because they put a high effort into fundamentals.  When they recieve the ball, they get in triple threat position and look into the post or take the ball into the action that the Wisconsin Swing Offense creates.  The players rarely waste dribbles, they don’t take off without a plan.  They are very deliberate on offense.

Wisconsin Swing Offense

It’s been said that “plays dont’ win championships, players do”.  I always used this phrase:  “It’s not about X’s and O’s, but Jimmies and Joes”.  I think that if you have very fundamental skilled players that can have a little bit of discipline then you can run the Swing Offense and have a hyper-effecient offense that will claim a title for you.

It’s all about skill development and fundamentals.  Think about the movie “Hoosiers”.  They were very fundamental.  It’s a option that you should take a look at!

Click on the pdf link to download the How To Run Bo Ryan’s Wisconsin Swing Offense:

How To Run Bo Ryan’s Wisconsin Swing Offense

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